The Czar's Spy

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.3 stars; 272 reviews)

William Le Queux was a British novelist and prolific writer of mysteries. Indeed, mystery surrounds the author himself as to whether he was a spy or rather just a self-promoter. Regardless of which is true, Le Queux brings us a story of intrigue and espionage that travels across Europe in the true spirit of a good mystery. There are shootings, burglaries, romances, escapes from prisons, and intricate conspiracies that may surprise and leave you scratching your head as you try to solve this “whodunit”. In the best tradition of a good mystery however, you may need to wait for the final chapters to discover the truth. (Summary by Tom Weiss) (9 hr 35 min)


01 - His Britannic Majesty's Service 32:32 Read by Tom Weiss
02 - Why the Safe was Opened 28:37 Read by Tom Weiss
03 - The House 'Over the Water' 31:02 Read by Tom Weiss
04 - In Which The Mystery Increases 31:58 Read by Tom Weiss
05 - Contains Certain Confidences 29:36 Read by Tom Weiss
06 - The Gathering of the Clouds 28:24 Read by Tom Weiss
07 - Contains A Surprise 28:20 Read by Tom Weiss
08 - Life's Counter-Claim 28:44 Read by Tom Weiss
09 - Strange Disclosures Are Made 29:43 Read by Tom Weiss
10 - I Show My Hand 30:25 Read by Tom Weiss
11-1 - The Castle of Terror - Part 1 30:38 Read by Tom Weiss
11-2 - The Castle of Terror - Part II 40:31 Read by Tom Weiss
12 - The Strangler 42:50 Read by Tom Weiss
13 - A Double Game And It's Consequences 33:20 Read by Tom Weiss
14 - Her Highness Is Inquisitive 16:26 Read by Tom Weiss
15 - Just Off The Strand 26:51 Read by Tom Weiss
16 - Marked Men 16:21 Read by Tom Weiss
17 - The Truth About the 'Lola' 28:25 Read by Tom Weiss
18 - Contains Elma's Story 34:54 Read by Tom Weiss
19 - Conclusion 5:33 Read by Tom Weiss


Bravo from Borneo

(5 stars)

My second novel of William Le Queax and I am fast becoming an avid fan. This book showcases the depth in his writing, both in terms of the complexity of the plot line, an essential element in a murder mystery, and in the development of the story's characters. As a period story, we are also treated to an insight into the world of high society, European travel and international secret agents at the turn of the last century. Bravo again! Now on to the next Le Queax novel.

(4 stars)

Although the wording is predictable, just as I was going to quit the author would pull me back with the story taking an unexpected direction. The reader does such a fine job that I can say the story is good enough to call entertaining. Note to reader are you sure that accertain is pronounced that way? Perhaps it is dialect but, I've never heard is said that way.

(4 stars)

great book like the author alwaysdoes and the narrator is consistently good but the ending what is a little dissatisfied. it was a pretty attention-grabbing book that doesn't get boring too many sections but the ending knock off that store so I give it 4 stars! But hey it's still a good book it's still narrated well. I definitely would check it out if I was you.

I liked this story

(5 stars)

The hero is a sailor who stumbles into a mystery when he is tricked by a man he later meets who is using a different name! Something suspicious is going on, so he begins to investigate only to become a target himself. This is a neat adventure tale, well-read by Tom W who always does a wonderful job. Enjoy!

(5 stars)

A writeing with the individual mysteries and players being woven in, to have kept my interest and story line anticipation, to a very enjoyable level. The reader, Tom Wise, has a way that attracts, and helps keep my attention, in the way the story is meant to be enjoyed......Thank you very much, to all who have been, and are still involved.......Thank You....

(4 stars)

Working my way through all le quexe’s novels and Tom Weiss, if you think Tom Weiss should pronounce his words as an English man I suggest you liste to his version of Upton Sinclair the jungle where he was taught by a college professor to pronounce Lithuanian , good story, well worth the listen, although not my favourite

(5 stars)

Great read, story is a nice visualization of the upper class to Scotland, the idle Mediterranean ex pats and intrigue to the cold Russian Czar dominated Finland on the cusp of the uprising of the masses. A love story, a whodunnit- with lot's of great dialogue and suspense...

Slow and confusing

(2 stars)

I did not think this book came up to the level of the other books by this same author. I found it tedious at times, unbelievable and contrived. Tom Weiss did his usual good job with the exception of some glaring mispronounced words