The Romance of an Old Fool

Read by Roger Melin

(3.9 stars; 23 reviews)

A light-hearted account of a successful middle aged widower who chances to visit the small town in which he grew up to renew old acquaintances and perhaps reflect on his successes since his departure.

This visit, however, becomes far more to him than he would have imagined, as he finds that one of his dearest childhood girlfriends had died not long after his departure, and the widower envisions a relationship with none other than her daughter, who he senses to be her mother incarnate. (Summary by Roger Melin) (2 hr 58 min)


1 - Section 1 37:06 Read by Roger Melin
2 - Section 2 17:37 Read by Roger Melin
3 - Section 3 16:43 Read by Roger Melin
4 - Section 4 24:10 Read by Roger Melin
5 - Section 5 25:46 Read by Roger Melin
6 - Section 6 18:52 Read by Roger Melin
7 - Section 7 23:19 Read by Roger Melin
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one of my favorite readers

(4 stars)

I couldn't help but think "pervert" when the story began. I know it was the times. Nonetheless, I continued to listen. It really DOES take more than "love" .


(5 stars)

Even though the ending was expected I enjoyed the listen by one of the best readers. Life is ….well you know, sometimes a little story plot is just what is needed by the listener


(5 stars)

So enjoyed...well written well read

One star at best.

(1 stars)

My minority review - don't bother.

the romance of an old fool

(2.5 stars)