Children's Short Works, Vol. 005

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.8 stars; 6 reviews)

LibriVox’s Children’s Short Works Collection 005: a collection of 15 short works for children in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members. (2 hr 27 min)


Rumpelstiltskin 6:30 Read by Joe Cooning
The Stone Cutter 7:35 Read by ef50
Prince Kind-Hearted 11:40 Read by ef50
The Frog Prince 8:06 Read by marius91
A Selection of Limericks 9:13 Read by Carly Wiggins
The Tale of the Pointer Tray 4:33 Read by ef50
The Pig-Tale 3:57 Read by Jason Mills
The Velveteen Rabbit 24:18 Read by Sabrina Sterling
The Oak Tree and the Ivy 6:49 Read by Amy Gramour
A Farmer's Wife, The Story of Ruth 19:23 Read by Bellona Times
The Story of the Four Little Children who went round the World 18:00 Read by Jenny Sharp
Valentines 1:42 Read by Matthew Pettus
The Story of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-Popple 16:39 Read by Algy Pug
Some Limericks 2:00 Read by Peter M
Dummling & the Three Feathers 7:30 Read by Peter M