The Story of Doctor Dolittle

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In The Story of Doctor Dolittle (1920), the first of Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle books, we are introduced to the good doctor who gives up treating people after Polynesia, his parrot, teaches him animal languages. His fame in the animal kingdom spreads throughout the world and soon he sets off to cure a monkey epidemic in Africa, finding all sorts of exciting adventures on the way.

This recording is of the original edition, which is in the public domain. Later editions, which are still under copyright, changed some language and plot elements that are considered racially derogatory.
(Summary adapted from by Annie Coleman) (3 hr 8 min)


Author's Note and Dedication; Introduction 8:55 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
The First Chapter - Puddleby 6:10 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
The Second Chapter - Animal Language 13:08 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
The Third Chapter - More Money Troubles 7:28 Read by Andrea L
The Fourth Chapter - A Message From Africa 6:19 Read by Duane Paulson
The Fifth Chapter - The Great Journey 6:24 Read by Ella Earp-Lynch
The Sixth Chapter - Polynesia and the King 6:07 Read by Ella Earp-Lynch
The Seventh Chapter - The Bridge of Apes 11:04 Read by Nocturna
The Eighth Chapter - The Leader of the Lions 7:07 Read by Duane Paulson
The Ninth Chapter - The Monkeys' Council 6:20 Read by Marlo Dianne
The Tenth Chapter - The Rarest Animal of All 9:13 Read by Linton
The Eleventh Chapter - The Black Prince 10:33 Read by paulino
The Twelfth Chapter - Medicine and Magic 15:07 Read by paulino
The Thirteenth Chapter - Red Sails and Blue Wings 7:27 Read by paulino
The Fourteenth Chapter - The Rats' Warning 8:21 Read by paulino
The Fifteenth Chapter - The Barbary Dragon 10:37 Read by paulino
The Sixteenth Chapter - Too-Too the Listener 7:58 Read by Stefan Schmelz
The Seventeenth Chapter - The Ocean Gossips 7:28 Read by Stefan Schmelz
The Eighteenth Chapter - Smells 12:19 Read by Anita Roy Dobbs
The Nineteenth Chapter - The Rock 8:29 Read by Kristin LeMoine
The Twentieth Chapter - The Fisherman 7:09 Read by Kristin LeMoine
The Last Chapter - Home Again 5:02 Read by Betsie Bush



(3.5 stars)

They say they can predict my age from my Lord of the Rings crush. Well, I say you can’t. My crush is LEGOLAS. Predict my age within five years and I commend you.

(3 stars)

Written book is good but here readers are not good. They have not read story very good. Looking for another version

An 8yo's Review

(5 stars)

It was excellent and a great adventure! The readers were excellent, too.


(5 stars)

Wonderful! I loved the collaborative voices reading the book. Thank you so much!!


(3.5 stars)

I read the book and its really good

(4 stars)

love the story and some readers are not clear

(0.5 stars)

I didn't like the voices of the reader. 😐

(3.5 stars)

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees site so gooooooo9oood. but readers are