A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some of the Adventures, Dangers, and Su…

Read by Barry Eads

(4.6 stars; 179 reviews)

Joining the Continental Army as a teenager, Joseph Plumb Martin spent the next eight years fighting in the Revolutionary War as an enlisted man. His memoirs tell in detail his experiences during that time...the bitter cold, hunger, loss of life, long marches, and fear of battle. He also includes tales of fishing, hunting, and other activities...including encounters with a "saucy miss". His narrative reveals much about American life at the time and is one of the fullest and best accounts of the Revolutionary War, presented from a private's point of view.

The book has been later republished under the names Private Yankee Doodle and Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier. (Summary by Barry Eads)

This recording was read from a hard copy of the book, no online version being available at the time of the recording. (8 hr 1 min)


01 - Preface and Chapter 1, Introductory 23:14 Read by Barry Eads
02 - Chapter 2, Part 1, Campaign of 1776 42:43 Read by Barry Eads
03 - Chapter 2, Part 2, Campaign of 1776 28:05 Read by Barry Eads
04 - Chapter 3, Part 1, Campaign of 1777 34:36 Read by Barry Eads
05 - Chapter 3, Part 2, Campaign of 1777 43:17 Read by Barry Eads
06 - Chapter 4, Part 1, Campaign of 1778 35:41 Read by Barry Eads
07 - Chapter 4, Part 2, Campaign of 1778 34:23 Read by Barry Eads
08 - Chapter 5, Campaign of 1779 33:17 Read by Barry Eads
09 - Chapter 6, Part 1, Campaign of 1780 35:19 Read by Barry Eads
10 - Chapter 6, Part 2, Campaign of 1780 30:30 Read by Barry Eads
11 - Chapter 7, Part 1, Campaign of 1781 31:56 Read by Barry Eads
12 - Chapter 7, Part 2, Campaign of 1781 32:46 Read by Barry Eads
13 - Chapter 8, Part 1, Campaign of 1782 18:56 Read by Barry Eads
14 - Chapter 8, Part 2, Campaign of 1782 22:09 Read by Barry Eads
15 - Chapter 9, Campaign of 1783 35:00 Read by Barry Eads


amazing story

(5 stars)

I decided to listen to this during the Independence Day weekend and I am so glad I did. The fireworks and flags ment so much more knowing the struggles and sacrifices of our patriotic predecessors. The simple humor and humility of the author is very enjoyable. Well read too. Highly recommend for anyone with an interest in the American Revolution or who wants to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for our country's fight for independence.

Foot Soldier

(5 stars)

originally I was interested because the soldier was from Illinois as am I. But on it's own merits it is the best account of the daily struggle to serve and survive in that period. Ill prepared, under equipped and poorly fed. Led by inexperienced Officers /Politicians far from the lines. The minute details of how these men lived and what they achieved is amazing. Great read,very well read.

(5 stars)

I read this book years ago and loved it and this audio didn't disappoint. The experiences of Martin are far different that the polish history we are taught, and I'm for one grateful it survives. Barry did an excellent job reading this book, even though he kept mispronouncing schuylkill. Every time he did I just chuckled and understood since if you don't live in this area some of this names around here sound nothing like the spelling. If your into history this book is a must listen!

Truly amazing!

(5 stars)

Through entire length of narrative I felt like I was there in soldiers boots. Author conveyed so vividly what he seen and lived through (it is mind boggling through what hardship this soldier went through). Will add that this book is historically accurate and is used by historians in study of revolution. Can not recommend this book enough for anyone to listen!

(4 stars)

i enjoyed the story a great deal. I admire all soldiers tales and tip my hat for the sacrifice they give that i could only imagine, which is why i love to invest my time into reading and being read to about battle and the universe of battle. well done

Great Book

(5 stars)

i have read and listened to this narrative several times....i can't get enough of it. It is amazing to listen to the hardships that our revolutionary soldiers had to endure for our birthing nation...and still they fought on.

Extremely interesting!

(5 stars)

First hand account of the American Revolutionary War by an ordinary foot soldier who was in it! Check out the amazon reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Narrative-Revolutionary-Soldier-Adventures-Sufferings/dp/0451531582/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top And it is extremely well read too!

very well done

(5 stars)

Great book and a great narrator. A book about what happens to the men who do the real fighting not what you learn in history.