My School Days

Read by Cori Samuel

(4.6 stars; 64 reviews)

A short memoir about the author's school days, serialised in The Girl's Own Paper from October 1896 to September 1897. It includes stories about teachers, fellow pupils, the things that scared her most as a child (and even as an adult) and a vivid account of the best summer of her childhood.

Summary by Cori Samuel. (2 hr 14 min)


01 - Stuart Plaid 9:18 Read by Cori Samuel
02 - Long Division 11:59 Read by Cori Samuel
03 - South with the Swallows 7:13 Read by Cori Samuel
04 - In the Dark 10:44 Read by Cori Samuel
05 - The Mummies at Bordeaux 10:24 Read by Cori Samuel
06 - Part 6 11:57 Read by Cori Samuel
07 - Disillusion 9:53 Read by Cori Samuel
08 - In Auvergne 14:58 Read by Cori Samuel
09 - La Haye 9:22 Read by Cori Samuel
10 - Pirates and Explorers 12:47 Read by Cori Samuel
11 - Part 11 12:19 Read by Cori Samuel
12 - Part 12 13:20 Read by Cori Samuel


Not bad

(3 stars)

Story: I have really enjoyed the 4 other E. Nesbit stories I have read, but I must say that this one fell just a bit flat for me. It seemed to me that E. Nesbit spent a great deal of her childhood sobbing until her mother fixed her problems for her. Some of the chapters were quite good. "In Auvergne" was my favorite. Others were just so so or even quite dull. Overall, not a bad listen, considering its short length. If you like these kinds of tales of childhood memories, I would recommend the much more well-done (in my opinion) Dream Days and The Golden Age, both by Kenneth Graham. Narration: Cori Samuels did, as always, a superb job. She is probably the most consistently wonderful narrator LibriVox has to offer. P.S. I was confused as to why Edith Nesbit referred to herself throughout the story as Daisy.

Too short

(5 stars)

Cori Samuel has such a beautiful tone to her sweet English voice. E. Nesbit did, however, confess that her childhood autobiography was exceedingly condensed that I wish she would have perservered. There are hints of characterization and situation that comprised the pages of her children's novels and in particular the Bastables of the Treasure Seekers. Indeed, I wish that she had written more of this lovable family, but alas she did not.

Childhood memoir, beautifully read

(5 stars)

We know E Nesbit as author of 'The Railway Children', 'Five Children and It' and many other children's classics. This is her memoir of childhood, wonderfully read by Cori Samuel. It's one of the delights of the LibriVox project that volunteers find and record little gems like this, that would otherwise go unnoticed. Thank you, Cori!

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(5 stars)

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Graceful Memoir Handsomely Read

(5 stars)

An expressive ladylike voice for a warm poetic narrative about school days in 19th century Europe. Cori Samuel even pronounces the word 'diamond' with elegant fullness! What a treat to listen to this in bed at night! Thank you, Cori.


(5 stars)

After having heard several of her books, it was really pleasant to get to know the author a little more. The reviews are correct in saying that this book is regrettably short, but it is a really pleasant experience, and beautifully narrated.

Beautiful, sweet and innocent.

(4.5 stars)

This is a lovely story, beautifully read by Cori. E Nesbit had such an idyllic childhood that makes me envious. Thank you Cori for doing justice to the book.

Oh memories

(5 stars)

I think every one can relate to these stories. I know I did. Much laughter and many tears were enjoyed. Cori Samuels is a top notch reader