The Trawler

Read by Roger Melin

(4.7 stars; 54 reviews)

The Trawler is a short story revolving around the trying life of a group of bank fishermen based in Gloucester. Skipper Hugh Glynn worked his men hard; some said too hard, and Arthur Snow was one who had paid the ultimate price.

Arthur's close friend Simon Kippen decided he'd ask to take the place of his fallen friend aboard Hugh Glynn's vessel as a dory mate, and from there we have a tale of the open seas between Gloucester and Newfoundland where perhaps only the names and locations have changed from the countless stories of similar nature; the key being that this one, however, is first hand. (Summary by Roger Melin) (1 hr 4 min)


Chapter 1 3:15 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 2 13:44 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 3 24:32 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 4 17:00 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter 5 5:34 Read by Roger Melin


Excellent Book

(5 stars)

Great story, well written, well read. If you have any interest in the ocean life and fishing you will enjoy it. The story and settings are very well done.

Very short but well read

(4 stars)

This story was probably a little too short and thus the characters were not real well developed. Roger Melin reads and he is just so fabulous as usual. The book overall is worth listening to for it does show the extent to which those who make the sea their lives will go to help one another.


(4.5 stars)

A nice little vignette, just not developed enough. Melin is superlative as always.

(5 stars)

This is a lovely little story, well read by the ever excellent Roger Mellin.

great short story

(4 stars)

well read well paced story .je

great sea yarn

(5 stars)

Well written and well read.

(5 stars)

Beautiful story, exquisitely written and read. Thank you!