Short Poetry Collection 182

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of 41 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for July 2018. (3 hr 7 min)


The Ballad of Reading Gaol 28:07 Read by Farnood
Because I could not stop for Death 1:21 Read by Farnood
The character of Atticus 2:08 Read by Sonia
Constable M'Carty's Investigations 8:00 Read by Son of the Exiles
The Dancer at the Opera 3:21 Read by Tomas Peter
Death of the Seasons 3:53 Read by Larry Wilson
Enough 0:41 Read by Ian King
The Fairies' Concert 2:59 Read by Tomas Peter
From Cambridge 6:21 Read by Craig Campbell
Guess 1:50 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Happy Isles 2:01 Read by Bruce Kachuk
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep 1:48 Read by Son of the Exiles
Hymn to Adversity 2:45 Read by Larry Wilson
I’ll tell you how the sun rose 0:59 Read by Winston Tharp
In the Reading Room of the British Museum 1:15 Read by Ian King
Is It Because I Am Black? 0:50 Read by Chuck Williamson
The Joy of Little Things 2:11 Read by Phil Schempf
The Lights of London 1:18 Read by Ian King
London 1:12 Read by Winston Tharp
At a Month's End 9:25 Read by Newgatenovelist
Morning Song 1:23 Read by Bruce Kachuk
My star 0:55 Read by Sonia
The Negro Singer 1:29 Read by Chuck Williamson
Ode to a Horseshoe 1:36 Read by Sonia
Ode to a Lighthouse at Malta 4:12 Read by April6090
Past, Present and Future 2:01 Read by Foon
The Place Where the Rainbow Ends 1:37 Read by Phil Schempf
Proof and Disproof 3:21 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Pupil In Magic 4:13 Read by Craig Campbell
The Rat-Catcher 1:35 Read by Craig Campbell
Songs of the Love Unending 5:59 Read by Newgatenovelist
Sonnet XVIII 1:23 Read by Craig Franklin
Sonnet 64: When I have seen by Time's fell hand defac'd 1:27 Read by Utek
Sonnet LXXII 1:08 Read by Phil Schempf
Summer by the Lakeside 5:54 Read by Tomas Peter
The Valley of the Shadow 5:31 Read by Larry Wilson
The Waggoner 37:52 Read by FunkyPhD
What might have been 1:02 Read by Craig Franklin
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd 15:49 Read by Farnood
When to the attractions of the busy world 5:52 Read by FunkyPhD
A Winter’s Tale 1:15 Read by Winston Tharp