Little Men (version 2)

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(4.6 stars; 87 reviews)

Little Men follows the life of Jo Bhaer and the students who live and learn at the Plumfield Estate School that she runs with her husband, Professor Bhaer. The mischievous children, whom she loves and cares for as her own, learn valuable lessons as they become proper gentlemen and ladies. We also get cameo appearances of almost all the characters found in the previous books, almost all of them happy and well. Meg's older two children, Demi and Daisy, also attend the school and so do Mr. Bhaer's German nephews Franz and Emil. (Summary by Wikipedia) (9 hr 49 min)


Chapter 1 33:20 Read by SallyMc
Chapter 2 15:58 Read by CrowGirl
Chapter 3 41:19 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 4 22:27 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 5 38:34 Read by Mimi Wang
Chapter 6 40:09 Read by Mimi Wang
Chapter 7 18:02 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 8 22:49 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 9 22:21 Read by thornfield10
Chapter 10 25:07 Read by BookAngel7
Chapter 11 24:40 Read by CrowGirl
Chapter 12 43:33 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 13 15:28 Read by CrowGirl
Chapter 14 34:43 Read by J L Raimundo
Chapter 15 31:04 Read by CrowGirl
Chapter 16 24:01 Read by JimOCR
Chapter 17 29:35 Read by JimOCR
Chapter 18 15:05 Read by BookAngel7
Chapter 19 20:08 Read by BookAngel7
Chapter 20 31:14 Read by BookAngel7
Chapter 21 39:44 Read by JimOCR


(5 stars)

Enjoyed reading. Was very nice to have a glimpse into Joe's life after marriage. Great job with the boys. Everyone who's raising kids should read this book.


(5 stars)

I absolutely loved this book and found it very inspiring as a mom of boys and homeschool mom! There was one reader-James-who was harder to hear but it was overall a wonderful reading and my thanks to everyone who contributed to make this possible!

Very Good

(5 stars)

Some chapters were read by different readers but each one was clear and enjoyable. Heart touching story.

Best book ever

(5 stars)

The readers of this book are excellent ! The book itself was amazing.

well read

(5 stars)

Well read and an enjoyable book. Thank you!

(5 stars)

my favorite book of alll time

Wonderful book

(5 stars)

Great reading,definitely recommend this book.