Where the Path Breaks

Read by Roger Melin

(4.6 stars; 60 reviews)

The soldier awakened from the brink of death eight months after his injury on the battlefield. As he slowly regained his senses and his memory, the face of a girl creeps into his mind, and he soon recalls that this girl had married him out of pity on the day he went into battle. The wedding had been a true "war wedding".
Inspired by the face and the vague recollections which were taking shape, and after learning that his day-bride had since remarried (believing her day-husband killed in action), the battle-scarred soldier decides to re-invent himself, take on a new name, and seek a new life. To what extent his former life would have upon his adopted life unfolds in unforgettable detail with each chapter of Where the Path Breaks.
Captain Charles de Créspigny was a pseudonym used by Charles Norris (C.N.) Williamson. (Introduction by Roger Melin) (5 hr 53 min)


01 - Chapter 1 17:59 Read by Roger Melin
02 - Chapter 2 23:33 Read by Roger Melin
03 - Chapter 3 20:26 Read by Roger Melin
04 - Chapter 4 17:13 Read by Roger Melin
05 - Chapter 5 17:11 Read by Roger Melin
06 - Chapter 6 34:54 Read by Roger Melin
07 - Chapter 7 22:23 Read by Roger Melin
08 - Chapter 8 21:08 Read by Roger Melin
09 - Chapter 9 16:38 Read by Roger Melin
10 - Chapter 10 29:52 Read by Roger Melin
11 - Chapter 11 25:38 Read by Roger Melin
12 - Chapter 12 27:58 Read by Roger Melin
13 - Chapter 13 11:20 Read by Roger Melin
14 - Chapter 14 11:41 Read by Roger Melin
15 - Chapter 15 14:05 Read by Roger Melin
16 - Chapter 16 22:41 Read by Roger Melin
17 - Chapter 17 19:12 Read by Roger Melin


Mixed bag

(3 stars)

Roger gives us another of his excellent readings! He is very sensitive to the characters and context, and he brings the text to life. It's an A+ performance. The book itself was a C at best. Lot of time wandering around in the soldier's thoughts. That got old - as did the mysticism which undergirds the premise of the story. I just didn't find a lot to hold the story together, or to make me care what this guy thought.

Enjoyed very much

(5 stars)

A beautiful story of a man rebuilding his life after tragic circumstances and the sacrifices he makes for the woman who had been his wife for a day. The narration, as always by Roger Melin, is excellent.

great love story

(5 stars)

I have both original editions of this book.. the war wedding london 1916 also ... quite an amazing story with printing here and overseas at the same time .. thank you for your precious time Roger..

Path comes together ..

(5 stars)

Awesome story ... Greatest of Readers .. thank you Sir Roger .... again and again .!!!

(5 stars)

Loved the story and the ending. Roger Meline is añ excellent reader.


(5 stars)

Such a nice story!

(3.5 stars)

Beautifully read by Roger, interesting story

just great..thank you sir roger !

(5 stars)