The Ghost of Guir House

Read by Roger Melin

(4.1 stars; 102 reviews)

Do you think you understand ghosts? Now you will.

Paul Henley, seemingly summoned to a mysterious rural Virginia mansion from his home in New York, finds himself as a guest at a remote, dilapidated colonial house with a host and a hostess every bit as mysterious as the house itself. Might Dorothy, his hostess, somehow be implicated in the hideous crime which he came to know took place in the hidden depths of Guir House some years ago? He hardly thought so, she seemed so innocent. And yet .... (Introduction by Roger Melin) (4 hr 38 min)


01 - Chapter 1 33:59 Read by Roger Melin
02 - Chapter 2 27:58 Read by Roger Melin
03 - Chapter 3 20:40 Read by Roger Melin
04 - Chapter 4 28:56 Read by Roger Melin
05 - Chapter 5 37:10 Read by Roger Melin
06 - Chapter 6 27:07 Read by Roger Melin
07 - Chapter 7 31:38 Read by Roger Melin
08 - Chapter 8 24:15 Read by Roger Melin
09 - Chapter 9 26:51 Read by Roger Melin
10 - Chapter 10 19:30 Read by Roger Melin


Loved it - interesting & thoughtful

(5 stars)

Not what I was expecting, but I loved it. Roger Melin does a great job reading as well.

A Bit Long

(3 stars)

It's much longer than it should be. The section where the old man talks about how changing your consciousness can change your perception (what world you see) ended up dragging despite the concept being interesting. I wondered what was in the pipes that the 2 men kept smoking though! So, it's not a horror story nor is it a typical ghost story. It's more of a drama with mystery & a dash of love. Give it a try while you're trying to sleep.


(5 stars)

I found this to be a well read and interesting story. The knowledgeable explaination of the "Summerland" was accurate and vivid for one that studies and has experienced such visits.

(3 stars)

This story had a very original, interesting plot. The beginning and toward the end are engaging, but there is a lot of the middle that failed to hold my attention. The narrator did a good job, but I sped the narration up because I did feel it was a little slow for me. Considering that there is a very good story line, too many obscure, meandering scenes lengthened, but in my opinion, lowered the quality of the book.

Makes you think..

(5 stars)

About how humans perceive everything around us, time, place, love, life and death. It was a bit sad thou. At the same time i feelt a warm and fond feeling, for the characters but also in memory of those i lost. I really recommend this book. It was worth it.

Well written, well narrated

(2.5 stars)

BUT I knew the answer by the seventh chapter. Beware the doldrums in the middle! The story is nothing riveting, or even particularly amusing. It will pass the time well enough and the narration is well done.

Dont read the reviews

(4 stars)

The story was well read by RM and fairly interesting. though it does drag a bit in the middle. Dont read the reviews as one person gives away the entire plot.


(4 stars)

What a delightful treasure to find! The speaker's voice was smooth and even - a very calm presence to get lost into the story. Glad that I stumbled upon this!