Laugh and Live

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.2 stars; 6 reviews)

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. was an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He was best known for his swashbuckling roles in silent films such as The Thief of Baghdad, Robin Hood, and The Mark of Zorro. His book, Laugh and Live, is a book about positive virtues and advice for leading a good, healthy, and successful life. An advisory about this book is in order. Published in 1917, it was written at a time when “men went to work, women kept house, and supported their man”. Some of the writing and references are old-fashioned by today’s standards. Several ideas may be at odds with plans for successful lives today, especially for female listeners. Listeners should still find many valuable common-sense suggestions for leading a wholesome life. (Introduction from Wikipedia and Tom Weiss) (3 hr 23 min)


Chapters 1 through 5 45:00 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 6 through 10 50:34 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 11 through 15 48:37 Read by Tom Weiss
Chapters 16 through 20 58:50 Read by Tom Weiss


(3 stars)

Okay , but definitely not one of my favorites.

laugh and live

(4.5 stars)

great comforting self growth manual

Very encouraging. Good rules for life.

(5 stars)