The Adventures of Mr. Mocker (Dramatic Reading)

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(4.6 stars; 116 reviews)

When an innocent blue jay starts talking in his sleep, it's up to him to find out what's going on in this fun, naturalistic, Southern-style children's story. (Summary by Miriam Esther Goldman)

Narration: Marty Kris
Mr. Mocker: Gargoyle
Unc’ Billy Possum: Barry Eads
Old Mrs. Possum: Donna Lauten
Jimmy Skunk: Phil Chenevert
Sammy Jay: Marty Kris
Peter Rabbit: om123
Jerry Muskrat: Marty Kris
Hooty the Owl: Laurie Anne Walden
Jenny Wren: Elisabeth Harvey
Blacky the Crow: Beverly Scott
Reddy Fox: JimOCR
Boomer the Nighthawk: Marty Kris
Bobby Coon: Marty Kris
Sticky-Toes the Tree Toad: Cheri Gardner
Mistah Buzzard: Beverly Scott
Grandfather Frog: JimOCR
Teensy Fly: ChyAnne Donnell

Audio edited by: Phil Chenevert and Linette Geisel (1 hr 42 min)


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Chapters 21 – 26 26:44 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


I think it's a good book.

(5 stars)

I just love this book so much. 🐦

(5 stars)

I love it cuz it has some great readers📔😽😻😸👍👍👍🖐👏👏👏

One Thing

(4.5 stars)

The word "Blacky" is an outdated word to refer to blacks, and it is used here, as it is in fact the crows name. Just a warning, the author didn't intend anything offensive when it was written.

oh Mr maca oh Mr maca.

(5 stars)

whoever wrote, one more, thing really do stop! blackie is a nice name! Love the book 📚

(5 stars)

We enjoyed this dramatic reading, all well read and the variety of readers was interesting.

(5 stars)

My four year old said, "I love it, can we listen to again!" It is a great family book. A Need To Listen to book! -Asfer derberder Toasting Butter bristle facery verderberder Burgur King toasting your face in bristle!!

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(4 stars)

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