How to Appreciate Music

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(4.4 stars; 11 reviews)

Originally published in 1906, this book is essentially a how to guide on music appreciation. Includes sections on the pianoforte, orchestral, and vocal music. Good for anyone who wishes for a greater appreciation of the wonders of music. (Summary by prwells32) (7 hr 19 min)


Introduction 5:07 Read by Patrick Wells
The Pianoforte 43:21 Read by Martin Geeson
Bach's Service to Music 53:19 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
From Fugue to Sonata 39:10 Read by John Kooz
Dawn of the Romantic Period 35:17 Read by Martin Geeson
Chopin, the Poet of the Pianoforte 29:32 Read by debolee
Schumann, the “Intimate” 12:17 Read by Anne Cheng
Liszt, the Giant among Virtuosos 30:12 Read by Martin Geeson
With Paderewski—A Modern Pianist on Tour 17:39 Read by Dick Summerfield
Development of the Orchestra 22:15 Read by Availle
Instruments of the Orchestra 24:49 Read by Matthew Reece
Concerning Symphonies 17:24 Read by Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Richard Strauss and His Music 30:16 Read by John Kooz
A Note on Chamber Music 6:56 Read by Dick Summerfield
Songs and Song Composers 27:42 Read by Matthew Reece
Oratorio 17:07 Read by A. J. Carroll
Opera and Music-Drama 27:30 Read by Availle


Mildy informative, more biagraphical

(2 stars)

This work has some good information but is more a demonstration of the author's appreciation for then-modern music than how the reader can appreciate music.

(3 stars)

Regarding chapter on Bach: please hit the last vowel in “forte.” Or, omit the word.