Four Max Carrados Detective Stories

Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)

(4.7 stars; 148 reviews)

Ernest Bramah is mainly known for his 'Kai Lung' books - Dorothy L Sayers often used quotes from them for her chapter headings. In his lifetime however he was equally well known for his detective stories. Since Sherlock Holmes we have had French detectives, Belgian detectives, aristocratic detectives, royal detectives, ecclesiastical detectives, drunken detectives and even a (very) few quite normal happily married detectives. Max Carrados was however probably the first blind detective. (Summary by Andy Minter) (3 hr 38 min)


The Coin of Dionysius 34:09 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem 59:54 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage 49:37 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor 1:14:58 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)


Perplexing . . .

(5 stars)

On one level, these are entertaining stories that are fun to listen to. On another level, the stories are perplexing and require quite a bit of thought, attention and inference to piece together just how Max figures them out. In so much detective/mystery fiction, the answer is handed to you on a plate in the last chapter. Here it is not, so you either walk away with a superficial "well, whatever", or you puzzle for days to pinpoint the clues that Max "saw" along the way. As always, Andy Minter does an excellent job as a reader. I enjoyed his Indian and Australian accents in this project. It's clear that he puts a lot of work into designing the voices for the characters, before one word is ever spoken into the microphone. Well done Andy!

A favorite

(5 stars)

This reading was my introduction to LibriVox. The book was mentioned in one of George Orwell’s pieces, so I looked it up online and found a link here. Andy Minter was so fabulous here that I went on to listen to other of his readings. The magic of the internet: one thing leads to another.

intrigue and fabulous voices!

(5 stars)

this is a book you really have to listen to, because there is no explanation at the end, like with Agatha Christie. You have to work to understand how Max got the answer. the reader is superb, especially at discerning differences in voice for different characters. thank you Andy!

Delightful, recommended!!

(5 stars)

don't hesitate, these are great! LibriVox scores again. Narration by the real deal, Andy Minter, one of the best in the audiobook world, and it's free. Note: best to read these in order, as the two friends featured meet in the first one. Enjoy, I did! Thanks lv and Mr. Minter!

Excellent mystery stories

(5 stars)

I have listened to these stories 2x, and I pull them out whenever I like hearing a good mystery. Summary covers the plot, and the reader is EXCELLENT; he has a smooth voice and cadence that is very pleasant to listen to. Thanks Andy!

Extremely well read

(4 stars)

I tend to think these stories are not quite fair, as mysteries, by modern standards. They are, however, quite entertaining if you do not feel any particular desire to catch the villain before the sleuth. Andy Minter, the reader, does excellent work here.

Very Noble Stories

(5 stars)

Not being from the British side, the readers accent was, at first, a bit hard for me grasp meaning, but soon I caught on. very enjoyable.

Great Stories!

(5 stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed these mysteries. As good or better than his contemporaries!! Mr Minter has the perfect voice for early 20th century British crime stories!!!!