A Room with a View (version 2)

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.7 stars; 551 reviews)

The 1908 novel A Room With a View is the story of Lucy Honeychurch, a young English girl traveling to Italy for the first time. While staying in Florence, Lucy meets the unconventional George Emerson, with whom she shares a single passionate kiss, much to the horror of her chaperone, her spinsterish cousin Charlotte. Back in England, Lucy finds she must choose between George and her rather stuffy fiance Cecil Vyse. Forster's wonderfully comic romance satirizes turn-of-the-century English culture (as did his other major novel of the period, Howards End). (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) (7 hr 9 min)


The Bertolini 25:19 Read by Elizabeth Klett
In Santa Croce With No Baedeker 30:41 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Music, Violets, and the Letter S 21:25 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Fourth Chapter 13:35 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Possibilities of a Pleasant Outing 25:20 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Reverend Arthur Beebe, the Reverend Cuthbert Eager, Mr Emerson, Mr George E… 23:34 Read by Elizabeth Klett
They Return 23:08 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Medieval 28:54 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Lucy as a Work of Art 25:42 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Cecil as a Humorist 17:01 Read by Elizabeth Klett
In Mrs. Vyse's Well-Appointed Flat 11:05 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Twelfth Chapter 20:07 Read by Elizabeth Klett
How Miss Bartlett's Boiler Was So Tiresome 17:13 Read by Elizabeth Klett
How Lucy Faced the External Situation Bravely 12:57 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The Disaster Within 28:30 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Lying to George 17:28 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Lying to Cecil 13:02 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Lying to Mr Beebe, Mrs Honeychurch, Freddy, and the Servants 32:22 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Lying to Mr Emerson 31:19 Read by Elizabeth Klett
The End of the Middle Ages 10:55 Read by Elizabeth Klett


Wonderful, Again!

(5 stars)

Forester is great; so is Klett!

Listened to it..again!

(5 stars)

This story never gets old. I am happy I came across it on LibriVox and I have listened to it a couple of times. Elizabeth does a great job and makes it easier to understand older novels. This inspired me to watch the movie which is great too!!


(5 stars)

I keep coming back to this story because there is always more to be gleaned from it. As always, excellent reading by Ms. Klett. Thank you!


(5 stars)

No spoilers here- a must for Forster fans. As always, Elizabeth Klett is a fabulous reader.

Great read

(5 stars)

Such a nice love story.

Excellent narrator

(5 stars)

This book on its own is a little difficult to get into at first. It is a story which highlights what “proper” conduct of polite society was at the time. It would be frustrating to us. But reading along with Ms Klett’s excellent narration, the story subtly grabs you, and when I finished it, I found it a very satisfying experience both in the reading and listening. Thank you Ms Klett.

splendidly read as always

(5 stars)

every one is correct in the statement of this being a dated text when it comes to etiquette for womens courting methods. it's a fine piece of historical work if you must see it that way, nonetheless, wonderfully read by Elizabeth Klett as always. Take the life lessons as you can for today's living... dont get in a muddle

(3.5 stars)

Another excellent reading by Elizabeth. Overall it was a fairly good book. Though the plot was a bit basic and having listened to a number of other books of this type and era I found I knew how the entire plot would go from very early on. It was still reasonably enjoyable nonetheless.