Hushed Up! A Mystery of London

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.3 stars; 198 reviews)

A young man, Owen Biddulph, is drawn to a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past... a past that seems to have returned to cause her disappearance! Is she his new found love or his nemesis? And who is this mysterious clergyman that warns him to avoid this young woman, at risk of his very life! What possible harm could this sweet young woman inflict? Written by one of the Masters of Mystery, William Le Queux. (Introduction by Tom Weiss) (7 hr 21 min)


Prologue One and Two 42:26 Read by Tom Weiss
Beside Still Waters 17:02 Read by Tom Weiss
Told In The Night 17:39 Read by Tom Weiss
The Clergyman From Hampshire 14:39 Read by Tom Weiss
The Peril Beyond 15:03 Read by Tom Weiss
The Dark House In Bayswater 13:46 Read by Tom Weiss
A Ghastly Truth 13:02 Read by Tom Weiss
The Flame Of The Candle 11:42 Read by Tom Weiss
Presents Another Problem 13:36 Read by Tom Weiss
Face To Face 11:50 Read by Tom Weiss
Contains A Further Surprise 14:38 Read by Tom Weiss
What The Police Knew 11:52 Read by Tom Weiss
The Word Of A Woman 14:41 Read by Tom Weiss
The Death Kiss 13:01 Read by Tom Weiss
Of Things Unmentionable 14:37 Read by Tom Weiss
Forbidden Love 14:02 Read by Tom Weiss
The Man in Gold Pince-Nez 15:19 Read by Tom Weiss
The Man In The Street 13:04 Read by Tom Weiss
Proof Positive 12:37 Read by Tom Weiss
Through The Mists 15:18 Read by Tom Weiss
The Stranger In The Rue De Rivoli 12:53 Read by Tom Weiss
Describes An Unwelcome Guest 11:18 Read by Tom Weiss
More Mystery 15:46 Read by Tom Weiss
In Full Cry 14:23 Read by Tom Weiss
An Unfortunate Slip 12:39 Read by Tom Weiss
More Strange Facts 11:59 Read by Tom Weiss
Some Sensational Revelations 13:44 Read by Tom Weiss
A Contretemps 9:26 Read by Tom Weiss
The Frenchmen Makes A Statement 13:23 Read by Tom Weiss
Further Revelations 8:03 Read by Tom Weiss
Conclusion 8:00 Read by Tom Weiss


Lots of good twists and turns

(5 stars)

The summary gives the general idea of the story. When you think the story is going in one direction, it changes up on you, which I like. I enjoy a story that keeps me guessing. Tom W is an excellent reader, thanks for continuing to read Le Queux stories, he's a great author.


(5 stars)

What a ride. I feel as if I have ridden the ten twistiest roller coasters in the world. I am exhausted, but pleasantly so. Bravo to Tom Weiss. Some commentators complained about the length of the repetitious refusals to tell the truth, but we must let the author do his thing.

Thrilling mystery

(5 stars)

This is a terrific mystery from an author entirely new to me. It's full of suspense and memorable characters. And through all the twists and threats to his person our hero Owen plugs doggedly on. Thanks again to Tom Weiss for another fine reading.

Enjoyable listen

(4.5 stars)

On the whole an enjoyable and convoluted mystery. It's to be expected that the gender relations of the period (as portrayed by the author at least), are somewhat cringe inducing at times, but that didn't spoil my fun.

A thrilling story

(5 stars)

A Great book that grips one to the end! Excellent reader!

A good tale.

(4 stars)

An involved and intricately worded mystery in the style of the time. Worthy of a television drama. Well read a - you get used to the American accent English tale. It doesn’t matter for the mystery. Again descriptions of London and Paris etc are fun to read.


(5 stars)

Another amazing story from the mind of LeQueux as read by the wonderful voice of Tom Weiss.

Hushed Up!

(5 stars)

Really good book! Loved the clear and distinct voice of the reader!