Twenty Years After

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 338 reviews)

Let's continue the D'Artagnan Romances that we've already started with The Three Musketeers. (25 hr 43 min)


01 - The Shade of Cardinal Richelieu. 23:49 Read by Esther
02 - A Nightly Patrol. 19:38 Read by Esther
03 - Dead Animosities. 29:04 Read by Esther
04 - Anne of Austria at the Age of Forty-six. 18:49 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
05 - The Gascon and the Italian. 9:59 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
06 - D'Artagnan in his Fortieth Year. 26:51 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
07 - Touches upon the Strange Effects a Half-pistole may have 13:04 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
08 - How D'Artagnan, on going to a Distance to discover Aramis, 13:59 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
09 - The Abbe D'Herblay. 38:05 Read by David Collins
10 - Monsieur Porthos du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds. 12:10 Read by Anna Simon
11 - How D'Artagnan, in discovering the Retreat of Porthos, 17:22 Read by Paul-Gabriel Wiener
12 - In which it is shown that if Porthos was discontented with 10:10 Read by Eileen George
13 - Two Angelic Faces. 15:04 Read by Cori Samuel
14 - The Castle of Bragelonne. 14:47 Read by Cori Samuel
15 - Athos as a Diplomatist. 20:04 Read by Robert Flach
16 - The Duc de Beaufort. 11:02 Read by Anna Simon
17 - Describes how the Duc de Beaufort amused his Leisure Hours 16:02 Read by Anna Simon
18 - Grimaud begins his Functions. 19:23 Read by Anna Simon
19 - In which the Contents of the Pates made by the Successor of 17:23 Read by Anna Simon
20 - One of Marie Michon's Adventures. 27:04 Read by Great Plains
21 - The Abbe Scarron. 25:45 Read by Great Plains
22 - Saint Denis. 15:59 Read by Eileen George
23 - One of the Forty Methods of Escape of the Duc de Beaufort. 19:30 Read by Anna Simon
24 - The timely Arrival of D'Artagnan in Paris. 14:50 Read by Anna Simon
25 - An Adventure on the High Road. 11:31 Read by Anna Simon
26 - The Rencontre. 16:25 Read by Anna Simon
27 - The four old Friends prepare to meet again. 17:48 Read by Clarke Bell
28 - The Place Royale. 11:56 Read by Eileen George
29 - The Ferry across the Oise. 19:29 Read by Eileen George
30 - Skirmishing. 15:06 Read by David Collins
31 - The Monk. 22:48 Read by David Collins
32 - The Absolution. 12:33 Read by LilianaVale
33 - Grimaud Speaks. 11:43 Read by LilianaVale
34 - On the Eve of Battle. 23:13 Read by LilianaVale
35 - A Dinner in the Old Style. 14:42 Read by LilianaVale
36 - A Letter from Charles the First. 10:02 Read by Ben Cobbett
37 - Cromwell's Letter. 14:13 Read by Ben Cobbett
38 - Henrietta Maria and Mazarin. 12:16 Read by Ben Cobbett
39 - How, sometimes, the Unhappy mistake Chance for Providence. 13:59 Read by Ben Cobbett
40 - Uncle and Nephew. 7:53 Read by Ben Cobbett
41 - Paternal Affection. 17:28 Read by Great Plains
42 - Another Queen in Want of Help. 20:26 Read by Melissa
43 - In which it is proved that first Impulses are oftentimes the 15:43 Read by Will Larson
44 - Te Deum for the Victory of Lens. 30:21 Read by Melissa
45 - The Beggar of St. Eustache. 23:47 Read by Will Larson
46 - The Tower of St. Jacques de la Boucherie. 12:01 Read by Julie Bynum
47 - The Riot. 17:40 Read by Annise
48 - The Riot becomes a Revolution. 23:57 Read by Julie Bynum
49 - Misfortune refreshes the Memory. 13:31 Read by Anna Simon
50 - The Interview. 13:25 Read by Annise
5 - The Flight. 22:12 Read by David Pittard
52 - The Carriage of Monsieur le Coadjuteur. 28:20 Read by Jennifer Stearns
53 - How D'Artagnan and Porthos earned by selling Straw, the one 19:59 Read by Jennifer Stearns
54 - In which we hear Tidings of Aramis. 22:30 Read by Great Plains
55 - The Scotchman. 17:58 Read by Anna Simon
56 - The Avenger. 17:14 Read by Anna Simon
57 - Oliver Cromwell. 10:51 Read by Caleb Dillehay
58 - Jesus Seigneur. 28:00 Read by David Collins
59 - In which it is shown that under the most trying 19:13 Read by Kristine Bekere
60 - Respect to Fallen Majesty. 17:44 Read by Kristine Bekere
61 - D'Artagnan hits on a Plan. 36:19 Read by Kristine Bekere
62 - London. 12:42 Read by Kristine Bekere
63 - The Trial. 19:40 Read by Kristine Bekere
64 - Whitehall. 19:39 Read by Kristine Bekere
65 - The Workmen. 14:28 Read by Kristine Bekere
66 - Remember! 12:18 Read by Kristine Bekere
67 - The Man in the Mask. 17:44 Read by Kristine Bekere
68 - Cromwell's House. 10:00 Read by leetcr
69 - Conversational. 12:24 Read by leetcr
70 - The Skiff "Lightning." 17:08 Read by leetcr
71 - Port Wine. 14:57 Read by leetcr
72 - End of the Port Wine Mystery. 8:33 Read by leetcr
73 - Fatality. 13:58 Read by leetcr
74 - How Mousqueton, after being very nearly roasted, had a Narrow 13:31 Read by Anna Simon
75 - The Return. 12:11 Read by Kevin Kivikko
76 - The Ambassadors. 14:50 Read by Kevin Kivikko
77 - The three Lieutenants of the Generalissimo. 19:27 Read by Kevin Kivikko
78 - The Battle of Charenton. 14:50 Read by Kevin Kivikko
79 - The Road to Picardy. 14:24 Read by Kevin Kivikko
80 - The Gratitude of Anne of Austria. 10:30 Read by Annise
81 - Cardinal Mazarin as King. 11:14 Read by Gesine
82 - Precautions. 12:23 Read by Gesine
83 - Strength and Sagacity. 17:37 Read by Anna Simon
84 - Strength and Sagacity -- Continued. 17:07 Read by Anna Simon
85 - The Oubliettes of Cardinal Mazarin. 8:18 Read by Anna Simon
86 - Conferences. 11:33 Read by Anna Simon
87 - In which we begin to think that Porthos will be at last a 17:26 Read by Anna Simon
88 - Shows how with Threat and Pen more is effected than by the 30:32 Read by Kristin LeMoine
89 - In which it is shown that it is sometimes more difficult for 23:57 Read by Kristin LeMoine
90 - Conclusion. 5:38 Read by Kristin LeMoine


good story, usually decent readers

(3 stars)

Mverall, the story is a lot of fun. Most of the readers do a great job. Unfortunately, there are a couple that are incredibly awful to listen to (odd pauses, weird pronunciation, strange emphasis/lack thereof, etc.), which detracts from the overall experience. If I could pick from a list of volunteers for each chapter, it would increase the book to a 5 star listen.

good readers, captivating story

(4 stars)

the readers all did a nice job. the recording quality is good. the excitement in this book is not as well written (details) as the first book. also it gets a little confusing at times and some things never came clear for me even when i relistened to sections. but overall i found this book to be a good sequel and look forward to reading the next.

pure adventure - noble men

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed the adventures of this noble heroes, but at times it was difficult to identify the different characters because of the varying pronunciation of French names. thank you for your time, readers!


(5 stars)

The best historical fiction I have ever heard. The moving plot kept me engaged thru all 90 chapters, and most of the readers did a good job narrating it.

20 yrs after

(5 stars)

fantastic story, great detail, excellent continuation of 3 Musketeers.


(5 stars)

Very entertaining and anothwr grand adventure by A. Dumas!


(5 stars)

I didn't want this one to end. Sequels generally are an embarrassment to the original works, but _Twenty Years After_ would work as well even if there had been no _Three Musketeers_. It stands on it's own. The story lines don't rehash _The Three Musketeers_. It has it's own pace & rhythm. The 4 definitely have matured & each has grown in his own way. I like this one better than the original. The readers range from good to excellent. All in all, good stuff.


(5 stars)

its good to see the musketeers fighting against another evil cardinal. this book has a lot of what i loved about the first book but doesnt quite live up the the first. it just goes down hill from here though. if you do not want to hate this series, do not read past this book as the series ends very poorly with many plots never concluded and many of the characters we love dying in the stupidest ways.