God, the Invisible King

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Wells wrote in his book God the Invisible King that his idea of God did not draw upon the traditional religions of the world: "This book sets out as forcibly and exactly as possible the religious belief of the writer. [Which] is a profound belief in a personal and intimate God." Later in the work he aligns himself with a "renascent or modern religion ... neither atheist nor Buddhist nor Mohammedan nor Christian ... [that] he has found growing up in himself." (Summary from Wikipedia) (4 hr 34 min)


00 -- Preface 16:14 Read by William Tomcho
01 --Ch First, Parts 1-3 20:20 Read by William Tomcho
02 -- Ch First, Parts 4-6 16:40 Read by Mike Pelton
03 -- Ch Second, Parts 1-3 15:35 Read by T Michael Burke
04 -- Ch Second, Parts 4-7 18:50 Read by T Michael Burke
05 -- Ch Second, Parts 8-9 10:40 Read by T Michael Burke
06 -- Ch Third, Parts 1-4 19:46 Read by William Tomcho
07 -- Ch Fourth, Parts 1-2 21:20 Read by William Tomcho
08 -- Ch Fourth, Parts 3-6 20:22 Read by William Tomcho
09 -- Ch Fifth, Parts 1-3 13:45 Read by William Tomcho
10 -- Ch Fifth, Parts 4-6 19:01 Read by William Tomcho
11 -- Ch Fifth, Parts 7-9 18:27 Read by William Tomcho
12 -- Ch Fifth, Parts 10-11 19:30 Read by William Tomcho
13 -- Ch Sixth, Parts 1-5 16:51 Read by William Tomcho
14 -- Ch Seventh, Parts 1-5 21:43 Read by Mike Pelton
15 -- The Envoy 5:29 Read by hearmeout7



(4.5 stars)

This is a thought-provoking book about how people feel about God. HD Wells does not try to convince The reader of anything. He writes this in a way of looking through all the different type religious people the fact that we are all searching for a greater power than ourselves. And even examines the feelings of an atheist. I highly recommend this to anyone who's interested in the universe and God