1601: Conversation, as it was by the Social Fireside, in the Time of the Tudors…

Read by John Greenman

(4.2 stars; 39 reviews)

Please note: this recording contains strong language.

Also known simply as "1601", this is a humorously risque work by Mark Twain, first published anonymously in 1880, and finally acknowledged by the author in 1906. (Summary by John Greenman & Wikipedia) (1 hr 21 min)


Introduction 39:59 Read by John Greenman
The First Printing Verbatim Reprint 17:21 Read by John Greenman
Footnotes To Frivolity 24:25 Read by John Greenman


For all Twain fans

(5 stars)

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. The introduction reveals much about the state of literary humour of Twain's time. The reader does an excellent job with each of the characters in the Tudor conversation.

Now who would have thunk it?

(5 stars)

X-rated Twain?! Anonymous until after his beloved Livy was gone. Wonder what his surviving daughter, Clara I believe, thought when he owned up to it in 1906? It sounds like a journo or someone like that gave the game away without getting Twain's permission. Entertaining, as he can't seem to write any other way! Not sure historians should use this as nonfiction source, lol!

Two Thirds Commentary

(2.5 stars)

Most of this document is Introduction, then footnotes, then a scant third was anything that Mark Twain actually wrote; and what he wrote was mostly f*rt jokes. I haven't found that funny since, well, ever. But the narration was good.

hey Kenny

(5 stars)

Suck the bone dry dude coz this is an excellent story of upper-class de classe told in intelligent foolishness

Wonderful ...

(5 stars)

Wonderful ... Don't eat while listening to this reading. You might choke on food, if not on laughter ...

my-my Mr Twain

(5 stars)

Oh-ho his best bawdy tale!!

dry boring intro

(2.5 stars)

40 min academic intro leads to pompous fart jokes yawn... twain was funny but keep in mind the time diff between him and us.. it's not ha ha funny

didn't enjoy this

(2 stars)

for me this didn't work when read aloud despite the best effects of the most estimable Mr Greenman