Read by Gord Mackenzie

(4.8 stars; 178 reviews)

Scaramouche is a romantic adventure and tells the story of a young aristocrat during the French Revolution. His successive endeavors as a lawyer, politician, actor, lover, and buffoon lead his enemies to call him "Scaramouche" (also called Scaramuccia, a roguish character in the commedia dell'arte), but he impresses many with his elegant orations and precision swordsmanship. The later film version includes one of the longest, and many believe, best swashbuckling sword-fighting scenes ever filmed. (17 hr 11 min)


THE REPUBLICAN 24:38 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE ARISTOCRAT 27:19 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE ELOQUENCE OF M. DE VILMORIN 26:34 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE HERITAGE 15:20 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE LORD OF GAVRILLAC 12:23 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE WINDMILL 21:08 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE WIND 37:47 Read by Gord Mackenzie
OMNES OMNIBUS 23:12 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE AFTERMATH 23:08 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE TRESPASSERS 38:37 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE SERVICE OF THESPIS 22:54 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE COMIC MUSE 30:18 Read by Gord Mackenzie
EXIT MONSIEUR PARVISSIMUS 23:27 Read by Gord Mackenzie
ENTER SCARAMOUCHE 23:55 Read by Gord Mackenzie
CLIMENE 38:44 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE CONQUEST OF NANTES 25:47 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE DREAM 18:56 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE AWAKENING 53:41 Read by Gord Mackenzie
CONTRITION 26:30 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE FRACAS AT THE THEATRE FEYDAU 48:24 Read by Gord Mackenzie
TRANSITION 43:14 Read by Gord Mackenzie
QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE 21:32 Read by Gord Mackenzie
PRESIDENT LE CHAPELIER 25:57 Read by Gord Mackenzie
AT MEUDON 41:47 Read by Gord Mackenzie
MADAME DE PLOUGASTEL 28:33 Read by Gord Mackenzie
POLITICIANS 25:41 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE SPADASSINICIDES 30:27 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE PALADIN OF THE THIRD 23:02 Read by Gord Mackenzie
TORN PRIDE 39:30 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE RETURNING CARRIAGE 26:15 Read by Gord Mackenzie
INFERENCES 21:02 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE OVERWHELMING REASON 48:49 Read by Gord Mackenzie
SANCTUARY 24:26 Read by Gord Mackenzie
THE BARRIER 27:11 Read by Gord Mackenzie
SAFE-CONDUCT 23:12 Read by Gord Mackenzie
SUNRISE 18:21 Read by Gord Mackenzie


Great story, superb reading.

(5 stars)

Easily the equal of Tale of Two Cities and more morally sophisticated than The Count of Monte Cristo, this book is a great swashbuckling romance. Gord Mackenzie reads this so beautifully. His reading is always engaging and never overpowers the story. Bravo and thanks. Highly, highly recommended.

Great story

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this story. Andre-Louie is a young man of noble bearing but unknown birth who is raised by his godfather. When his friend is killed in a duel with M La Tour d'Azyr for having a 'dangerous way of speaking', he swears he will have revenge by making sure his friend's words are repeated everywhere in France. This is part of the spark that starts the French revolution. However, Andre-Louie is destined to cross paths and swords with M La Tour d'Azyr over and over again, until the spark that started the war between them is finally resolved. The reader is excellent, great voices, great reading, very high-quality recordings. Thanks!

Kudos to Gord Mackenzie

(5 stars)

Excellent reading of a great story... I expected an adventure/romance & was surprised to find philosophical & political discussions interspersed throughout the book-- especially at the end, the ambiguities of seemingly clear-cut issues are left for the reader's consideration rather than presenting resolution


(5 stars)

Gordon has fantastically performed a wonderful story! He has made a book that is very well written turn out to be even better performed. Even if you have read the book yourself, I encourage everyone to listen to this audio performance by Gordon!


(5 stars)

An engaging story, fabulously read.

An excellent recording

(4 stars)

A strangely Mary-Sueish book in which the hero is excellent at everything. Going in, you need to remember that murder is mortal sin. The reader when the book was originally released would have seen the main character’s temptation to kill the man who murdered his friend as the great obstacle to be overcome. If you go in with the expectations of modern American drama, the author’s clever way of preventing fatal confrontations between the protagonist and antagonist just seem like weird twists.

great romance on the backdrop of the french revolution

(5 stars)

Against the backdrop of the french revolution, this story follows the adventures of our hero, Andre-Louis. There is romance, revenge, courage and leadership, action, and finally forgiveness - all over the fascinating canvas of France, just before the revolution. It is a very moving story by Sabatini. The reader is excellent: different voices based on nature of the character, tone and inflection varying with the mood, and good french pronunciation. Don't miss it!

Bravo from Borneo

(5 stars)

Bravo! Bravo! Magnificent! What a truly wonderful classic and so beautifully read by the one of my favourite narrators. This is a first class book to explore the French revolution and the turmoil and conflict of the time. The character development is exquisite...just like the language used. Give yourself a treat and listen to this delightfully crafted book.