Crystal Crypt, the & Beyond the Door

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.1 stars; 510 reviews)

Two early science fiction stories by the wonderful craftsman, Philip K. Dick. In the Crystal Crypt, taken from the 1954 Planet Stories, the war between Mars and Terra is about to erupt and earth has only merchants and salesmen to fight; can they carry out their mission? Beyond the Door is a story that asks and answers the question: what lives beyond the door? And is it dangerous? (Summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 4 min)


01 - The Crystal Crypt Part 1 15:01 Read by Phil Chenevert
02 - The Crystal Crypt Part 2 16:28 Read by Phil Chenevert
03 - The Crystal Crypt Part 3 16:54 Read by Phil Chenevert
04 - Beyond the Door 15:39 Read by Phil Chenevert


Hey Douglas Smith

(5 stars)

A double-Dick for Dougs pleasure!

not great

(3 stars)

reader very good. as a fan of the author I found the stories surprisingly unsatisfying for this master of the genre.

Fave Librivox reader does Philip K. Dick = a must read!

(5 stars)

this made an invalid girl's day!

Nobody could write em'....

(5 stars)

....Like Phillip K Dick. His life was too short. He produced many brilliant works during that short life, but to me, he remains the undisputed master of the short story.Even his less than stellar works are above and beyond. He had a unique way of looking at the world, and making the bizarre seem normal. These two stories are extremely entertaining, and very well read by Mr Chenevert.

Wow yikes!

(4 stars)

These stories make me think of 'the Outer Limits.' Both have a depressing creepy line to them. If you were a fan of that show, you will like these. Nice reading Phil, as usual. :-)

Phil C. is the best

(5 stars)

I have a new favorite reader on Librivox. It is Phil Chenevert. PKD was already my favorite author.

Well done!

(5 stars)

The reader presents the story in a way that would please the writer as much as it satisfies the listener

well done

(5 stars)

Sci fi not usually my thing but PC made it come alive. Thank you LibriVox for making this possible.