Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 299 reviews)

Captain Nemo, The Nautilus, and the mysterious depths of the ocean. Unforgettable. Come join an adventure that will roam among coral and pearls, sharks and giant squid, with wonders of biology and engineering that will thrust us from the Antarctic to Atlantis. Whether voyaging a yarn of the glorious unknown, a tale of the darkness that grips the heart of men, or a reinterpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, we’ll all enjoy the fantastic trip. Seasickness optional. (Summary by Marlo Dianne)

A German version is available: Zwanzigtausend Meilen unter’m Meer (16 hr 30 min)


A Runaway Reef 19:43 Read by Marlo Dianne
The Pros and Cons 14:02 Read by Chip
As Master Wishes 12:00 Read by Chip
Ned Land 16:58 Read by Chip
At Random! 15:42 Read by Chip
At Full Steam 20:25 Read by Chip
A Whale of Unknown Species 19:23 Read by Marlo Dianne
"Mobilis in Mobili" 21:01 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Tantrums of Ned Land 16:21 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Man of the Waters 20:58 Read by Sean McGaughey
The Nautilus 20:39 Read by Marlo Dianne
Everything through Electricity 15:57 Read by Efkan Efe
Some Figures 15:15 Read by dougc
The Black Current 24:07 Read by Kevin McAsh
An Invitation in Writing 17:21 Read by ciaran.mooney
Strolling the Plains 17:27 Read by nausicaa
An Underwater Forest 18:12 Read by nausicaa
Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific 16:53 Read by Calliope
Vanikoro 27:08 Read by RedToby
The Torres Strait 22:56 Read by Robin Cotter
Some Days Ashore 26:18 Read by Robin Cotter
The Lightning Bolts of Captain Nemo 23:20 Read by echo
"Aegri Somnia" 18:17 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Coral Realm 19:13 Read by Kurt Wong
The Indian Ocean 24:13 Read by Paul-Gabriel Wiener
A New Proposition from Captain Nemo 23:29 Read by carnright
A Pearl Worth Ten Million 24:40 Read by Paul-Gabriel Wiener
The Red Sea 29:54 Read by Kevin LaVergne
Arabian Tunnel 16:56 Read by Claire Goget
The Greek Islands 21:59 Read by Claire Goget
The Mediterranean in Forty-Eight Hours 21:28 Read by Alex Patterson
The Bay of Vigo 24:15 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
A Lost Continent 22:33 Read by J. M. Smallheer
The Underwater Coalfields 27:31 Read by Westwinds12
The Sargasso Sea 23:14 Read by RedToby
Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales 25:04 Read by RedToby
The Ice Bank 28:39 Read by Sean McGaughey
The South Pole 29:42 Read by Meredith Hughes
Accident or Incident? 17:33 Read by grokfun
Shortage of Air 23:07 Read by Eric Dennison
From Cape Horn to the Amazon 25:22 Read by Eric Dennison
The Devilfish 26:41 Read by Reynard T. Fox
The Gulf Stream 26:18 Read by Eric Dennison
In Latitude 47 degrees 24' and Longitude 17 degrees 28' 23:44 Read by rovert405
A Mass Execution 21:41 Read by Kevin LaVergne
The Last Words of Captain Nemo 18:10 Read by Kevin LaVergne
Conclusion 4:20 Read by Gesine


You Guys Are Awful

(5 stars)

A message to those criticizing readers of these books: If you don't like the recording, see if you can do better. That, or pay for a professional reading. Have some respect.

(5 stars)

Good book terible woman reader. chip is by far the best. I cam barely endure this woman though I want to stab my ears out and go read the actually book.


(4 stars)

The book was really really good. And thank you readers!!!! And to the listeners before you criticize the readers just think, these people have given up there time for your benefit they don’t even get paid and the people who use Librivox either don’t like reading or just don’t have the time, so instead of criticizing thank the readers.

Michelle Fry's Version is way better

(2 stars)

As others described before me the reading style is hard to bear, it is unpleasant to listen so I stopped in the 1. Chapter and looked for a better version, Found one in Michelle Fry's reading. There's critizising of the criticism here and: Yes those guys did it for free and I didn't do it better. That doesn't mean I can't recognise Quality or the lack of it. It does mean one should adapt expectations and stay respectfull. It doesn't mean listeners should call everything great no matter what. After all that would mean not recognising the "extra" that other readers who did put more effort in the reading deliver. Even If I "only" read to my nepheps, to anybody I put in some effort and Quality in. I look if they like it and change if necessary so they do. As much as I like more stuff uploaded here I see no reason to praise people who obviously use no talent in the reading, are unwilling to learn at least a minimum about recording to make the listening experience not an endurance. Do it better next time!

The author was way ahead of his time.

(4 stars)

It is amazing how accurate he was in many ways about the future it seems like you're reading from the recent past in many ways and some of the things seem so ridiculous now that at that time seemed so futuristic. he obviously did a lot of study before writing this book to get all the information about animals and plants corals excetera. again I would have given it 5 stars except for the reading being confusing because of too many readers.

Horrible Narrator

(1 stars)

This is one of my favorite books, however the ridiculous attempt of narration by the lady who starts the book was atrocious. I recommend finding a better copy, unless you like torture of this manner. Consider yourselves warned. P.S. On behalf of all who love great classic literature, to you, Jules Verne, we apologize for this recording and hope that if it has caused you to roll over in your grave, that you rolled with laughter, not anger.

exellent book

(4 stars)

An exellent book, the only thing that spoilt a otherwise very good book was the large number of very varied readers and on occasions the variation in volume from one reader to the next, some quiet some louder. This made listening a bit of a chore, leading me to take too much notice of the readers which destracted me from the book. Although as I said a exellent book by Joules Verne, which I enjoyed a great deal.

Marvelous book, great collaborative reading

(5 stars)

Don't let the impression of the first reader draw conclusions. This is a great collaborative reading by volunteers. Many of whom are great readers, and some few with whom you might not have the best connection. The book itself is wonderful, I was submerged in the book independently of the reader. Jules Verne was ahead of time. The adventures of Prof Aranax, his companion, and Captain Nemo are legendary.