LibriVox 7th Anniversary Collection

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

To celebrate the 7 years of LibriVox , readers from all around the world have recorded 77 works they have selected, all of which have 7 in their title.
We hope you enjoy the amazing mixture they have come up with.
(12 hr 45 min)


De Zeven Hondjes 3:39 Read by Bart de Leeuw
The Seven Ages of Man 2:25 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Letter from John Adams to his 10-year-old son John Quincy Adams, dated July 27,… 4:13 Read by Sue Anderson
Die Sieben Sachen 1:23 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Songs of Seven 13:21 Read by NoelBadrian
Hanshichitorimonotyo no omoide 4:31 Read by ekzemplaro
Seven-year Sleepers 38:40 Read by NoelBadrian
Kearney at Seven Pines 2:35 Read by TriciaG
Juffrouw Ruffel en hare zeven geleerde poesjes 5:34 Read by Marcel Coenders
Poem VII from Life Poems: Three Series, Complete 1:00 Read by Bellona Times
Book VII Song of the Open Road Stanza VII From Leaves of Grass 1:52 Read by Bellona Times
Siebente und letzte Reise des Seemanns Sindbad 18:16 Read by Hokuspokus
Onna nanasai 3:56 Read by ekzemplaro
Ookamito nanahikino kodomoyagi 9:33 Read by ekzemplaro
Karasuno hokutoshichisei 13:03 Read by ekzemplaro
Daar zaten zeven kikkertjes al in een boerensloot 8:04 Read by Marcel Coenders
Die Sieben Raben 4:49 Read by Elli
Snowdrop and Seven Little Dwarfs 4:12 Read by Michele Eaton
The Seven Foals 13:40 Read by Michele Eaton
Kagurazaka nana fushigi 3:14 Read by ekzemplaro
The Seven Cream Jugs 15:03 Read by NoelBadrian
We Are Seven 3:31 Read by kimkg
Battle of Seven Pines - from Official Reports of Battles 23:03 Read by TriciaG
Wolf und die sieben jungen Geislein, Der 4:07 Read by Elli
Seven Ages of Furniture from Worldly Ways and Byways 12:23 Read by Chris Caron
Akino nanakusani soete 6:45 Read by ekzemplaro
Psalms 7 & 77 6:04 Read by Algy Pug
Sete anos de pastor 1:13 Read by Leni
Siebenschlaefer 1:00 Read by Elli
Fate of seven sailors, who were left on the island of St. Maurice 7:47 Read by Garth Burton
Die Sieben Faulen 14:32 Read by Eki Teebi
De Zeven zusters 13:02 Read by Marcel Coenders
Genesis 7 6:03 Read by Marcel Coenders
In het zevengebergte 38:19 Read by Marcel Coenders
Die Sieben in Rostock 1:43 Read by Availle
Seventh week of Summer in a garden 9:51 Read by Garth Burton
De zevende vertelling van de zevende dag 17:53 Read by Marcel Coenders
Genesis 7 4:22 Read by Carol Box
The Seven-score and four on six Bells 6:27 Read by ToddHW
Dokyushitsuno shichinin 16:12 Read by ekzemplaro
Urbs Avinionensis (Siedem - liczba doskona?a) 1:35 Read by Nina Brown
The Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 3:45 Read by Georgi Stoychev
The Song of Seven Cities 3:31 Read by Rapunzelina
The Bay of Seven Cities 8:25 Read by Rapunzelina
Seven Sprays 0:44 Read by Rapunzelina
The Seven Joys of Reading 27:49 Read by Rapunzelina
The Seven Reasons Why 3:32 Read by Ruth Golding
Seven at One blow 15:38 Read by Winston Tharp
Seven Years Old 2:57 Read by Rapunzelina
The Seven Ages of Women 10:35 Read by Rapunzelina
In the Seven Woods 1:00 Read by Kasper
Die Sonne will sich sieben Male spiegeln 0:35 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Von den sieben Zechbruedern 3:01 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Die Sieben Wuensche 2:11 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Die Sieben Schwestern 1:57 Read by Julia Niedermaier
In the Seven Woods 1:14 Read by Kalynda
The Seven Sermons to the Dead 41:02 Read by Cynthia Moyer
Die Sieben Huegel 2:55 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Die Sieben Steine bei Preuszlitz 3:09 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Seven Factors of Education 1:00:42 Read by Rapunzelina
Seven processes of language 27:20 Read by Rapunzelina
The Seven Wise Men of Preston 13:52 Read by Ratandeep Singh
Liber 777 intro 16:23 Read by Cynthia Moyer
The Seven Ages of Men 2:16 Read by Tony Rao
Seven Little Maids, or The Birthday Week 6:11 Read by TriciaG
The Seven Ravens 6:19 Read by Amy Gramour
The Seven Cardinal Virtues Chapter 1 23:14 Read by Cynthia Moyer
The Seventh Pullet 14:33 Read by Amy Gramour
Woman at Seven Brothers 48:14 Read by Corinna Schultz
From the Straw Hut Among the Seven Peaks 1:28 Read by Psudonae Vox
Wie sieben Schneider in den Türkenkrieg zogen 29:59 Read by Martin Harbecke
Sonnets 75 & 77 2:37 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Sonnets 7 & 17 2:29 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Sonnets 71 & 73 2:30 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Sonnet 7 1:28 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Sonnet 17 1:24 Read by Bob Gonzalez
Sonnet 77 1:26 Read by Bob Gonzalez