The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 66 reviews)

To follow up on the heels of volumes 1 and 2 of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" released on LibriVox, here is a collection of stories starring his contemporary American rivals. Brought together and re-published in a single volume by Hugh Greene in 1979, this set of readings goes back to and uses the original source material. (Summary by ToddHW) (12 hr 24 min)


Cinderella's Slipper 32:09 Read by Kristin G.
Cinderella's Slipper, part 2 41:22 Read by Kristin G.
The Nameless Man 25:52 Read by Mike Pelton
The Montezuma Emerald 30:01 Read by Mike Pelton
Found Guilty 27:04 Read by Delmar H Dolbier
The Scarlet Thread 33:00 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Scarlet Thread, part 2 24:10 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Man Higher Up 35:20 Read by om123
The Man Higher Up, part 2 27:35 Read by om123
The Axton Letters 40:57 Read by Jon Smith
The Axton Letters, part 2 39:21 Read by Jon Smith
The Man Who Spoke Latin 50:08 Read by Katherine Edman
The Cloud Busters 46:21 Read by Mary in Arkansas
The Cloud-Bursters, part 2 47:12 Read by Shaun McDonald
The Affair of Lamson's Cook 46:43 Read by C. Simmons
The Campaign Grafter 37:50 Read by D. A. Frank
The Campaign Grafter, part 2 36:17 Read by D. A. Frank
The Infallible Godahl 38:28 Read by Mary in Arkansas
The Infallible Godahl, part 2 39:41 Read by Mary in Arkansas
The Frame-Up 44:50 Read by Stephanie Kydd



(3 stars)

This is one of the poorer compilations I have listened to. Some of the accents are too strong so that you can't really follow the story, and some of the recordings are so poor you can't follow the story (mic too close). Some are great tho, so it's still worth a listen, just be warned.

The American.Rivals.of.Sherlock.Holmes

(2.5 stars)

Just couldnt.get into.this one. Tried to.get thru it ,but just couldnt.and didnt.enjoy the selections.I listened to. Not for me hopefully others will.feel differently.

(0.5 stars)

these 3 volumes contained some interesting stories and plots, ruined by narrator's who can't read, with accents so thick you couldn't understand them, reading way too fast and trying to read parts meant for the other sex. they need to get there qa people on the ball!


(4 stars)

A few of the stories are interesting, but only the last one was clever. one exception was the one about Godahl. He might be a rival of Moriarty, but not Holmes.

American Rivals

(3 stars)

Could not get into stories at all. Did not finish book ,just was not for me. First book I failed to finish, readers were ok, it was selections I could not relate to.

some enjoyable plots

(3 stars)

Some interesting plots & characters, all were narrated (some recorded very low and / or too softly) but most were enjoyable enough for a first reading. I would not re-listen, however.


(3 stars)

This collection has some interesting stories ("Found Guilty" was great), but the readings were very uneven. It is listenable, but not great.

the mam who

(2.5 stars)

the voice is difficult