The Island

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.6 stars; 41 reviews)

Written late in his career, Byron's narrative poem The Island tells the famous story of the mutiny on board the Bounty, and follows the mutineers as they flee to a South Sea island, "their guilt-won Paradise." (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) (1 hr 18 min)


Canto the First 13:46 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Canto the Second 29:47 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Canto the Third 12:58 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Canto the Fourth 22:02 Read by Elizabeth Klett


Lush Language

(4 stars)

I enjoyed all the beauteous descriptions of the sea, the island, nature in general, etc. And, of course, Prof. Klett's smooth and musical reading. Thank you for producing this!

Adventure on the High Seas

(5 stars)

So grateful that Elizabeth Klett donates her professional voice talents to Librivox and the public domain! Thank you!

a great poet!

(5 stars)

The master poet does what he does best- danger and romance! Wonderful reading of a beautifully written tale.


(5 stars)

Beautiful prose, excellently written!