Up One Pair of Stairs of My Bookhouse

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(3.8 stars; 5 reviews)

Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the second volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes. (Summary by Maria Therese) (9 hr 44 min)


The Wonderful World 1:00 Read by Emily Jones
The Cap that Mother Made: A Swedish Tale 7:17 Read by Margaret M. Rodeheaver
Dame Wiggins of Lee and Her Seven Wonderful Cats 2:34 Read by Verity Kendall
How the Finch Got Her Colors: A Flemish Legend 2:35 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Goldfinch 0:59 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Owl 1:18 Read by Snapdragon
The Owl's Answer to Tommy 10:56 Read by Verity Kendall
An Explanation of the Grasshopper 0:46 Read by Verity Kendall
Snow-White and Rose-Red 14:20 Read by Michele Eaton
The Story of a Caterpillar 7:52 Read by hollya
The Brooklet's Story 8:22 Read by hollya
The Brook Song 1:30 Read by Snapdragon
The Brownies in the Toy Shop 4:22 Read by Snapdragon
The Song Sparrow 1:34 Read by Snapdragon
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow 5:31 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Little Maid of Far Japan 1:10 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Foolish, Timid, Little Hare: An East Indian Fable 5:56 Read by hollya
The Coming of the King 4:05 Read by Margaret M. Rodeheaver
He Prayeth Best 0:47 Read by Grace
Nurse's Song 1:21 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
The Honest Woodman 5:15 Read by ianwillis
The Battle of the Firefly and the Apes: A Filipino Tale 5:48 Read by Margaret M. Rodeheaver
Twinkling Bugs 1:04 Read by Donna Winters
A Child in a Mexican Garden 1:29 Read by Ratandeep Singh
Barry, A Dog of the Alps 3:15 Read by Pamela Krantz
Who Can Crack Nuts? 0:57 Read by Epistomolus
The Nutcracker and Sugar Dolly Stories 24:44 Read by kandice stehlik
Ducks' Ditty 1:19 Read by CaprishaPage
The Right Time to Laugh: An Australian Tale 6:22 Read by Peter Jones
Legend of the Water: An Ojibway Tale 5:21 Read by Javinne J. McCoy
Indian Children 1:04 Read by Verity Kendall
Down on the Shore 1:16 Read by Verity Kendall
Clytie 6:28 Read by Pamela Krantz
How the Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats 7:44 Read by Suebee
Little Goody Two-Shoes 6:51 Read by Michele Eaton
The Little Busy Bee 1:16 Read by Sandra Luna
The Story of Li'l' Hannibal 7:59 Read by Margaret M. Rodeheaver
A Story About the Little Rabbits 4:42 Read by kandice stehlik
Child's Play 2:33 Read by A Quiet Girl
Jamie Watt and His Grandmother's Tea Kettle 5:45 Read by hollya
The Bird of Paradise: A Tale of Papua (New Guinea) 8:09 Read by Demosthenes
Doll I' the Grass: A Norse Folk Tale 5:41 Read by Kristel Tretter
Friends 1:17 Read by Michele Eaton
Cinderella 14:49 Read by CaprishaPage
Judging by Appearances 1:15 Read by Epistomolus
The Twelve Dancing Princesses 8:14 Read by Verity Kendall
Peeny Pen Pone 2:57 Read by Ratandeep Singh
The Boy Hero of Harlem: A Legend of Holland 3:23 Read by Tk
The Fisherman and His Wife 13:22 Read by Peter Jones
The Sandy Road: A Jataka Tale 5:00 Read by Snapdragon
Rain in Summer 1:24 Read by CaprishaPage
The Story of Christopher Columber 17:20 Read by Pamela Krantz
In Columbus' Time 0:51 Read by Pamela Krantz
Farewell to the Farm 1:22 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
Christening the Baby in Russia 13:55 Read by Grace
The Birches 0:45 Read by Grace
The Little Snow Maiden: A Russian Folk Tale 9:51 Read by mlcui
Boots and His Brothers 10:51 Read by mlcui
A Roumanian Folk Song 0:48 Read by Grace
The Selfish Giant 6:29 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
Elsa and the Ten Elves: A Swedish Fairy Tale 5:56 Read by Michele Eaton
A Psalm of David 1:49 Read by CaprishaPage
The Feast of Tabernacles (The First Thanksgiving Festival) 3:14 Read by Grace
We Thank Thee 1:01 Read by Grace
Marjorie's Almanac 2:03 Read by Grace
The Story of Tom Thumb: An English Folk Tale 12:36 Read by Kristel Tretter
The Girl Who Used Her Wits: A Chinese Folk Tale 8:02 Read by Demosthenes
Heidi in the Alpine Pasture 19:27 Read by kandice stehlik
Betsy Ross and the First American Flag 7:18 Read by kandice stehlik
The Babe of Bethlehem 4:06 Read by Kristel Tretter
A Child's Thought of God 1:37 Read by Kristel Tretter
Piccola 7:59 Read by Kristel Tretter
Hassan, the Arab, and His Horse 7:58 Read by mlcui
The Arab to His Horse 1:32 Read by Donna Winters
Blunder 13:05 Read by Muffy Rosiji
Toads and Diamonds 7:35 Read by Kristel Tretter
The Barber's 1:12 Read by Donna Winters
Dick Whittington and His Cat 16:41 Read by Peter Jones
The Pony Engine and the Pacific Express 14:53 Read by Peter Jones
Old Johnny Appleseed 6:41 Read by Verity Kendall
The Planting of the Apple Tree 1:37 Read by Snapdragon
The Fairy Who Judged Her Neighbors 15:11 Read by Deon Gines
Ariel's Song 0:46 Read by Grace
Song of the Leprechaun or Fairy Shoemaker 1:16 Read by Julia Niedermaier
Jack and the Beanstalk 22:10 Read by mlcui
The Circus Parade 1:50 Read by Snapdragon
Ikwa and Annowee 8:56 Read by kandice stehlik
Bikku Matti 22:20 Read by Muffy Rosiji
Master of All Masters 2:21 Read by Eden Rea-Hedrick
The Moon's the North Wind's Cooky 1:00 Read by Snapdragon
The Owl and the Pussy Cat 1:49 Read by Snapdragon
Thumbelisa 22:53 Read by Ann Boulais
Hiawatha's Childhood 3:52 Read by Snapdragon
Beyond the Toll-Gate 17:56 Read by Lynne T
The Peddler's Caravan 1:16 Read by Donna Winters
To a Butterfly 1:19 Read by Demosthenes