Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them

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(4.2 stars; 174 reviews)

Instructions in how to develop your psychic powers including telepathy, clairvoyance, self-projection, reincarnation, and other topics. Seriously. "It must be distinctly understood … that I believe the vast bulk of the material presented in this book to be sound and helpful; the practical instructions are good, and the reader cannot go far wrong in following them. May he develop his own psychic powers, and gain light and understanding thereby!" (From Author’s Preface) (Summary by Todd) (10 hr 40 min)


00 - Preface 5:51 Read by Chuck Williamson
01 - How to Develop 21:33 Read by Michael Packard
02 - Harmonious Conditions 12:58 Read by A. J. Carroll
03 - Fear and How to Banish It 18:40 Read by Pamela Krantz
04 - The Subconcious 25:15 Read by A. J. Carroll
05 - The Spirit World 34:13 Read by csheeler
06 - The Health of Mediums and Psychics 10:42 Read by Lisa Phelps Gonzalez
07 - Self and Soul Culture 15:45 Read by rookieblue
08 - The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts 14:28 Read by nbvoices
09 - Psychometry 10:58 Read by Jeanni Hall
10 - The Human Aura 9:16 Read by Kathryn Louise
11 - Colour and Its Interpretation 9:52 Read by Libby Gohn
12 - Symbolism 14:20 Read by Sam Naishtat
13 - Telepathy 11:59 Read by Michael Packard
14 - Clairvoyance 23:11 Read by Jeanni Hall
15 - Dreams 17:52 Read by Pamela Krantz
16 - Automatic Writing 11:11 Read by Amanda Friday
17 - Crystal Gazing and Shell-Hearing 12:29 Read by Amanda Friday
18 - Spiritual Healing 12:36 Read by Amanda Friday
19 - The Cultivation of Sensitiveness 13:13 Read by A * L * E * X
20 - Trance 20:16 Read by A. J. Carroll
21 - Inspirational Speaking and Test-Messages 12:23 Read by bala
22 - More and Less Developed Spirits 15:37 Read by csheeler
23 - Obsession and Insanity 31:13 Read by Pamela Krantz
24 - Prayer, Concentration and Silence 11:49 Read by A. J. Carroll
25 - The Human Fluid 10:59 Read by Libby Gohn
26 - Self-Projection 14:17 Read by rookieblue
27 - Apparitions 13:52 Read by Nyssa E. Schmidt
28 - Haunted Houses 11:29 Read by Amanda Friday
29 - The Difficulties of Communication 12:20 Read by Arnie Horton
30 - Hypnotism and Mesmerism 13:23 Read by Jon Smith
31 - Personal Magnetism 12:32 Read by Olenka
32 - Prophecy vs Fortune Telling 18:56 Read by Lisa Phelps Gonzalez
33 - Reincarnation and Eastern Philosophy 15:22 Read by Pamela Krantz
34 - The Ethics of Spiritualism 16:54 Read by csheeler
35 - What Happens After Death? 12:39 Read by Pamela Krantz
36 - Bad and Perverted Uses of Spiritualism 15:20 Read by Chuck Williamson
37 - Snares and Pitfalls to Avoid 10:42 Read by A * L * E * X
38 - Physical Phenomena 22:03 Read by A * L * E * X
39 - Spirit and Thought-Photography 10:24 Read by A * L * E * X
40 - Materialization 15:30 Read by A * L * E * X
41 - Advanced Studies 15:46 Read by Pamela Krantz


(5 stars)

We all have methods and means to showcase our talents to the world. This reader, Chuck, is awesome.... awesomely hilarious. Full stars for adding to my mirth quotient for the day. I am certain to be humorously entertained and informed by listening to this audio book.

(3 stars)

Chuck Williamson should be banned from reading. The absolute most annoying, arrogant voice I have ever listened to.

this book is interesting and stupid

(2 stars)

I read this book out of sheer boredom and curiosity. I found a lot of it quite interesting. My intent upon reading this book was to provoke thought, not so much to learn facts. Which was exactly the problem I had with this book. This author presents his opinions as fact on several occasions and even uses the word fact to define them. His view on many topics is very biased and subjective. I'm surprised I'm even giving This book a serious review. This book is intended for people of the utmost gullibility.

I enjoyed listening to this book and found it an informative read.

(2.5 stars)

Worth your time if you are exploring the human psyche.

I love this book. it is easy to comprehend so read it!!

(5 stars)

Excellent content. Very informative and relavent. Will listen to

(5 stars)

Very interesting book

(5 stars)

Better than I expected.

(5 stars)

the best thing is when you can pay attention and not cry about the sound of a vocal irritant don't be of ended