Max Carrados

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.6 stars; 58 reviews)

Max Carrados is a blind detective who has developed his own remaining senses to a superior level and who has enlisted the superior observations skills of his butler to fill in for any deficiency of his own. His visual deficiency is no obstacle to solving the most difficult cases. As with some better known sleuths, Mr. Carrados' feats amaze, entertain and satisfy. (Summary by Don Jenkins) (6 hr 42 min)


The Coin of Dionysius 32:02 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Knight's Cross Signal Problem 56:15 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage 45:51 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Clever Mrs. Straithwaite 52:26 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor 1:08:04 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Tilling Shaw Mystery 48:42 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Comedy at Fountain Cottage 50:42 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Game Played in the Dark 48:52 Read by Don W. Jenkins


Well read

(4 stars)

Each chapter is a stand alone mystery. They are not the sort that you can solve yourself, and the outcome is often a surprise until Max reveals the facts that the reader didn't know. But it was entertaining all the same. Don Jenkins is an excellent reader.

love these!

(5 stars)

I enjoy these stories, just wish for more. Reader, Don Jenkins does a good job, thank you Don.

short, clean & interesting

(4 stars)

Exciting plots & interesting characters. Loved it! Well and clearly narrated by Don W. Jenkins.

(4 stars)

Good mysteries mixed with a touch of comedy. No gory like some many mysteries. Reader good. Thank you.

(5 stars)

wonderful, entertaining mysteries, brilliantly performed by one of the finest Librivox contributors, Don Jenkins.

(5 stars)

Thoroughly enjoyed these stories. Excellent narration.