Christmas Short Works Collection 2022

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The 2022 Christmas collection brings some old favourites along with some new selections, from the traditional to the bizarre. Among the selections, there's a man who revels in having been born on Christmas, and a man who believes he'll die on Christmas; wild animals who set up their own Christmas tree, and a wild town that's tamed for one Christmas celebration; the faith of two small children's prayers, and faith in the existence of Santa Claus affirmed. Enjoy! (Summary by TriciaG)

"My Uncle Peter" is taken from two texts. Part 1 is listed below; Part 2 is HERE. (7 hr 29 min)


The Advent 1:21 Read by InTheDesert
The Animals’ Christmas Tree 15:48 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Annie and Willie's Prayer 8:51 Read by Tomas Peter
Bertie’s Christmas Eve 14:26 Read by Paula Messina
"Mrs. Brownlow's Christmas Party" from "Around the Yule Log" 24:46 Read by Lee Vogler
Christmas Bells 2:13 Read by Jonathan Jones
A Christmas Carol 1:19 Read by SoniaLibriVox1
"Christmas Day" from "Old Christmas" 30:48 Read by Greg Giordano
"Christmas Eve at Mr. Wardle's" from "The Pickwick Papers" 7:07 Read by Beeswaxcandle
Christmas In India 3:53 Read by Jonathan Jones
A Christmas Sermon 21:18 Read by Owlivia
The Christmas Symbol 3:22 Read by Tomas Peter
A Cubist Christmas 2:23 Read by Ben Tucker
Dreikönig 11:15 Read by Jeannette Mellec
Дим (Dym) 1:08:35 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Christmas Meditations on Genesis 49:10 21:47 Read by InTheDesert
The Ghost's Summons 15:17 Read by Ben Tucker
The Gift of the Magi 12:33 Read by Brian Albert
"Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn" from "The Hollow Tree and Deep Woods Book" 12:13 Read by Jan MacGillivray
The Legend of St. Nicholas 8:47 Read by Ron Altman
Myths and Legends of Christmastide 16:53 Read by Rob E. Brown
My Uncle Peter 1:01:40 Read by Devorah Allen
La neige à travers la brume 1:29 Read by Sonia
No Gifts 11:08 Read by KevinS
How Christmas Came to Pebbly Creek 13:47 Read by Andrea Kotzer
The Carol of the Poor Children 1:49 Read by SoniaLibriVox1
The Reminder 0:57 Read by Rapunzelina
Ring Out, Wild Bells 2:02 Read by TriciaG
Weihnacht 2:23 Read by lorda
Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes, A Christmas Story 10:04 Read by Carrie B. Gorman
Ideas for Decorating at Home at Christmas 5:08 Read by BettyB
Seasonable and Tested Recipes 26:15 Read by BettyB
Ялинка (Yalynka) 2:18 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus 5:27 Read by Ron Altman