The Enchanted Castle

Read by Peter Eastman

(4.3 stars; 382 reviews)

Three children, forced to remain at school during the holidays, go in search of adventure. What they find is a magic castle straight out of a fairy tale, complete with an enchanted princess at the center of a maze. Or is it? The castle turns out to be just a country estate, and the princess is only the housekeeper's niece, playing at dressing up. But the magic ring she shows them proves -- to her surprise and horror -- to really be magic. Soon they are caught in an adventure where statues come alive, lost lovers are reunited, and wishes can be granted -- but always for a price. (Summary by Peter Eastman) (7 hr 14 min)


Chapter 1 43:40 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 2 35:18 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 3 42:49 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 4 33:38 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 5 42:20 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 6 43:56 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 7 49:51 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 8 54:20 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 9 41:18 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 10 47:21 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 11 44:37 Read by Peter Eastman
Chapter 12 34:24 Read by Peter Eastman


Fun, fantastical tale

(4.5 stars)

This story is about several children who spend empty summer days with their imaginations and the expanse of a big, rambling house, to say nothing of the castle next store. What if Alice had stayed home and magical beings and happenings had visited her there, mixed in awkwardly with reality? Wonderfully read with different character voices.

(5 stars)

I love the reader and all of his different voices for the characters. The story is also amazing and amusing. The story is very visual and I imagine the setting to be quite beautiful as described. This book is a treat for your imagination.

Great story of magic and wonder

(5 stars)

I loved how the writer gave visuals as if u were there to see it for yourself!


(2 stars)

Edith Nesbit writes with a very particular 'voice'. It is of her time and culture and very British. I am not referring to accent here by the way. What the reader does not manage to achieve is an authentic identity that expresses this. He also has a tendency to over articulate and this often messes with the flow and meaning. I personally found it irritating and frustrating and missed the Edith Nesbit I know and love. I write this as an Englishman brought up reading all of Nesbit's books. I feel that the American / Canadian accent is problematic for this reading (in the same way that a plummy British accent would detract from an authentic reading of The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye). Nuances related to class and culture are missed and so the reading lacks a certain spirit and the characters are two dimensional (when in actual fact E. Nesbit's world is beautifully evoked through the writing with very rich characterisation). All in all a brave attempt that is ultimately frustrating.

Great story

(5 stars)

It has its own unique style for a fairytale book. The best way I could describe it is that it is an adventure in the real world accompanied by hidden magic.

great childrens fairytale - magic

(5 stars)

the reader does an excellent job voicing the characters differently. pleasant to listen to. this is a childrens fairytale, though long. it is all about magic, granted wishes, and unthought of consequences. very cute throughout and well written. i was thinking the ending was a little dull until the bit about Mr. U.W. Ugly! a cute afterthought the writter included.

(5 stars)

fantastic reading well done to both the author and the reader for fetching the magic alive. I love all the E Nesbit books however the exceptional talents of the reader in this case have made the book come alive. I shall definitely listen to more books read by him. Thank you

One Ring To Rule Them All

(4 stars)

I want to listen to every recording by this reader. Immaculately executed, voices full of expression and charm, he knows how to lose himself in the stories and characters without making the listener the least bit uncomfortable. Bravo!