Beyond Lies the Wub & The Skull

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.4 stars; 292 reviews)

Two stories in the inimitable Philip Dick style. What is a Wub? A 400 pound slovenly, fat, ungainly, drooling animal that looks like a cross between a walrus and an enormous hog? Well, yes that is pretty much what he looks like and for 50 cents, a good bargain no matter how he tastes. The hungry spaceship crew expect to find out. Of course the Wub may not entirely agree but it doesn't have much to say about it. The second story, The Skull, is a skillful mesh of time travel, unscrupulous governments, prisoners, and religion. With an assassin thrown in for good measure. Enjoy! (summary by Phil Chenevert) (1 hr 10 min)


1 - Beyond Lies the Wub 18:14 Read by Phil Chenevert
2 - The Skull part 1 23:24 Read by Phil Chenevert
3 - The Skull part 2 28:53 Read by Phil Chenevert


(3.5 stars)

Both stories are light and pleasurable enough, though far too easy to anticipate their plots. The wub bears some resemblance to the dinner in the book Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams. The second story is very reminiscent of a short story or book that I read 40 or 50 years ago of a man who travels back in time to meet Christ only to find that he will become Christ. I believe that story or book was called Ecce Homo. It was a popular author at the time but I can't recall who it was.

The Wub is fun, and so is the reader

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed The Wub, and reader's clear voice & interesting cadence.

at his best

(5 stars)

thanks again to both Phils

(5 stars)

Both of these short stories are fun. I agree with one reviewer, to an extent, regarding The Wub, and its similarity to Restaurant at the End of the Universe. That story also brought to mind the film Okja. I felt that, based on the physical description, the Wub was if Okja could speak human. The Skull, despite it's easily foretold plot, was fun to listen to. Phil Chenevert has been one of my personal favorite Readers since I've been listening on Librivox. Thank you Librivox & Mr. Chenevert, for another entertaining book.

Weird stories

(4 stars)

If you were starving, would you eat an animal that was as intelligent as you are? If you could snack on yourself, would you? These really weird questions are explored in the first story. I found "The Skull" to be your basic temporal paradox story, proving yet again that time is not for man to tamper with. Reader was excellent.

Good short stories

(3.5 stars)

Nice, short stories. Maybe not his best, but entertaining and interesting.

(5 stars)

Very good short stories that have twist endings. Phil makes them even more enjoyable

Soooo good I had to listen again. Aces to Phil Chenever👍👍

(4.5 stars)

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