The Art of War (version 3)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.4 stars; 176 reviews)

First compiled in the 6th century BC, The Art of War presents a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles. It is accepted as a masterpiece on strategy and is frequently cited and referred to by generals and theorists since it was first published, translated, and distributed internationally. The book is not only popular among military theorists, but has also become increasingly popular among political leaders and those in business management. Despite its title, The Art of War addresses strategy in a broad fashion, touching upon public administration and planning. The text outlines theories of battle but also advocates diplomacy and cultivating relationships with other nations as essential to the health of a state. (Summary by Wikipedia) (1 hr 19 min)


01 - LAYING PLANS 5:25 Read by Phil Chenevert
02 - WAGING WAR 4:28 Read by Phil Chenevert
03 - ATTACK BY STRATAGEM 5:03 Read by Phil Chenevert
04 - TACTICAL DISPOSITIONS 3:58 Read by Phil Chenevert
05 - ENERGY 5:00 Read by Phil Chenevert
06 - WEAK POINTS AND STRONG 7:28 Read by Phil Chenevert
07 - MANEUVERING 6:33 Read by Phil Chenevert
08 - VARIATION IN TACTICS 3:27 Read by Phil Chenevert
09 - THE ARMY ON THE MARCH 8:20 Read by Phil Chenevert
10 - TERRAIN 7:06 Read by Phil Chenevert
11 - THE NINE SITUATIONS 13:10 Read by Phil Chenevert
12 - THE ATTACK BY FIRE 3:55 Read by Phil Chenevert
13 - THE USE OF SPIES 5:48 Read by Phil Chenevert


Simple yet very interesting.

(4 stars)

I understand this is still taught as a basis for beginning war strategy. Short and straight forward. The ideas are very clear. Very well read by Phil C. (As always)

the art of war ver.3

(3 stars)

love the book really dislike the how it was read boring and attempted to put expression in a book that is not supposed to have any

Reading of it sounded odd

(4 stars)

The reading could have sounded better, but not that bad. Still enjoyed listing.

Amazing Life Coach

(4.5 stars)

Amazing presentation of life lessons from the lense of a military 'COACH'

Great AudioBook

(5 stars)

I love the way it was read, great quality

(5 stars)

Gostei da dicção. Bom para começar o listening. Parabéns aos envolvidos!

Well read. Easy to listen to.

(5 stars)

Hurried Wisdom?

(3 stars)

I feel as though such wise words that have stood the test of time should not be spoken hurriedly. It detracts from the text as well as I think the reader's tone is a bit high and distracting as well. The short time given to digest the words show little regard to the depth of thought the text invokes. I'm just better off reading it myself again.