The Story of Ancient Irish Civilisation

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This little book has been written and published with the main object of spreading as widely as possible among our people, young and old, a knowledge of the civilisation and general social condition of Ireland from the fifth or sixth to the twelfth century, when it was wholly governed by native rulers. The publication comes at an appropriate time, when there is an awakening of interest in the Irish language, and in Irish lore of every kind, unparalleled in our history. (Summary from the Preface) (4 hr 6 min)


00 - Preface 5:30 Read by constatine
01 - How the Ancient Irish People were Governed by their Kings and Chiefs 12:02 Read by ashleighjane
02 - How the Warlike Old Irish Conquered Foreign Lands 12:06 Read by ashleighjane
03 - How Kings, Chiefs, and People Were Subject to the Brehon Laws 10:30 Read by ashleighjane
04 - How the Ancient Irish Lived As Pagans 12:35 Read by Mary Schneider
05 - How the Irish People Lived As Christians 9:51 Read by Mary Schneider
06 - How Ireland became the Most Learned Country in Europe 18:25 Read by TyroneS
07 - How the Irish Missionaries and Scholars Spread Religion and Learning in Fo… 14:15 Read by TyroneS
08 - How the Ancient Irish Wrote down all their Literature, and how Books Incre… 9:33 Read by Elisabeth Sollog
09 - How the Irish Scholars Compiled their Annals 9:49 Read by Elisabeth Sollog
10 - How the Irish Derived Amusement and Instruction from Historical and Romant… 14:32 Read by JamesMcAndrew
11 - How the Ancient Irish Excelled in Music 11:34 Read by Highlandoaks
12 - How the Ancient Irish Excelled in Art 7:01 Read by lilbert
13 - How the Ancient Irish Physicians were Skilled in Medicine 12:15 Read by James Birkinshaw
14 - How the Old Irish People Built and Arranged their Houses 6:08 Read by Highlandoaks
15 - How they ate, Drank, Feasted, and Entertained 13:33 Read by rookieblue
16 - How the People Dressed 10:04 Read by constatine
17 - How they Fenced in and Tilled their Land 3:48 Read by Diana Majlinger
18 - How Irish Handicraftsmen Excelled in their Work 10:31 Read by rookieblue
19 - How they Prepared and Made up Clothing Materials 6:49 Read by JenniferRutters
20 - How the Irish Travelled on Land and Water 6:55 Read by Chiquito Crasto
21 - How the People Held Great Conventions and Fairs; and how they Amused Thems… 12:58 Read by Chiquito Crasto
22 - How the Character of the Old Irish People showed itself in various Circums… 15:19 Read by Chiquito Crasto


The Story of Ancient Irish Civilization

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