The Ice-Maiden: and Other Tales

Read by ElleyKat

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Short-stories/fairy tales by H. C. Anderson, includes The Ice-maiden -- The Butterfly -- The Psyche -- The Snail and the Rose-tree

The Ice-Maiden: Written toward the end of Hans Christian Andersen's career, "The Ice-Maiden" is the story of Rudy, a boy who's mother died in the ice of the mountains while he survives, saved by the kiss of the Ice-Maiden. The Ice-Maiden, jealous that the boy she claimed has escaped her embrace, pursues him through the rest of his life.

The Butterfly: A butterfly searches for the perfect flower to be his bride.

The Psyche: An artist creates a sculpture of a beautiful woman, to whom he confesses his love and is scorned.

The Snail and the Rose-Tree: A Snail and a Rose-Tree have a discussion about the meaning of their lives, and play them out.
(Summary by ElleyKat) (2 hr 25 min)



(5 stars)

thank you, EllyKat, you did a lovely job reading this and i am enjoying it very much.


(5 stars)

it was splendid I can't believe it I have the whole book of fairy tales at my house and now I can just listen and listen away I love this app/book