Humorous Ghost Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.1 stars; 31 reviews)

Includes: An introduction by Dorothy Scarborough -- The Canterville ghost / by Oscar Wilde -- The ghost-extinguisher / by Gelett Burgess -- "Dey ain't no ghosts" / by Ellis Parker Butler -- The transferred ghost / by Frank R. Stockton -- The mummy's foot / Théophile Gautier -- The rival ghosts / Brander Matthews -- The water ghost of Harrowby Hall / by John Kendrick Bangs -- Back from that bourne / Anonymous -- The ghost-ship / by Richard Middleton -- The transplanted ghost / by Wallace Irwin -- The last ghost in Harmony / by Nelson LLoyd -- The ghost of Miser Brimpson / by Eden Phillpotts -- The haunted photograph / by Ruth McEnery Stuart -- The ghost that got the button / by Will Adams -- The specter bridegroom / by Washington Irving -- The specter of Tappington / compiled by Richard Barham -- In the barn / by Burges Johnson -- A shady plot / by Elsie Brown -- The lady and the ghost / by Rose Cecil O'Neill. (Summary by Sarah Engracia Parshall) (10 hr 50 min)


Introduction 18:23 Read by Madam Fickle
The Canterville Ghost Part 1 32:06 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
The Canterville Ghost Part 2 21:50 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
The Canterville Ghost Part 3 18:58 Read by Kevin W. Davidson
The Ghost-Extinguisher 24:11 Read by ElleyKat
“Dey Ain't No Ghosts” 24:54 Read by Barry Eads
The Transferred Ghost 30:26 Read by Ted Delorme
The Mummy's Foot 28:01 Read by Alan Winterrowd
The Rival Ghost Part 1 16:22 Read by RLC
The Rival Ghost Part 2 25:35 Read by RLC
The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall 23:30 Read by Jackie Drown
Back from That Bourne 14:40 Read by Geoff Blanchard
The Ghost-Ship 27:44 Read by Ric F
The Transplanted Ghost 39:01 Read by Ric F
The Last Ghost in Harmony 29:36 Read by JamesMcAndrew
The Ghost of Miser Brimpson Part 1 14:01 Read by Mike Pelton
The Ghost of Miser Brimpson Part 2 21:39 Read by Mike Pelton
The Haunted Photograph 33:16 Read by Rusty Dancer
The Ghost That Got The Button 32:58 Read by Jon Smith
The Specter Bridegroom 34:22 Read by Michelle Goode
The Specter of Tappington Part 1 38:18 Read by Ric F
The Specter of Tappington Part 2 36:59 Read by Ric F
In the Barn 24:08 Read by Mike Pelton
A Shady Plot 25:33 Read by Mike Pelton
The Lady and the Ghost 13:44 Read by Chuck Williamson


Good Listen

(5 stars)

As with many old books, there are some bigoted words commonly used over 100 years ago. But it's well read and entertaining.

(3 stars)

good stories only from readers I could tolerate. I'm glad it wasn't a whole book.


(3 stars)

fraid there are many readers who just aren't cut out to be fair narrators. some stories were read like shopping list and bus timetables. every one can read a tale but it takes a good man to tell a story.

A mixed bag with volume inconsistency

(3 stars)

some good stories, some less so, most readers okay but volume normalization seemed to have gone by the board, with some tracks booming and distorted while others were barely audible.

(5 stars)

Such wonderful bedtime stories. Even the kids like them 🤸🤹