The Adventures of Prickly Porky

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(4.6 stars; 169 reviews)

A stranger from the North Woods has just arrived in the Green Forest causing a great stir among the woodland creatures who live there. They quickly discover that this odd fellow with the barbed spikes in his fur is the loyal and brave Prickly Porky the Porcupine. Not long after Prickly Porky arrives, a bit of early morning fun leads to a forest mystery that draws friends and foes alike into the investigation of an unknown headless, tailless, whirling creature seen only at sunrise on the hill by Prickly Porky's home. The Adventures of Prickly Porky includes popular characters from children's author Thornton W. Burgess' other "Bedtime Story-Books" including Unc' Billy Possum, Peter & Mrs. Peter Rabbit, Buster Bear, Granny & Reddy Fox, Sammy Jay and many more. (Summary by Jill Engle) (1 hr 45 min)


Happy Jack Squirrel Makes a Find 3:22 Read by Diana Majlinger
The Stranger from the North 3:52 Read by Greg Giordano
Prickly Porky Makes Friends 4:35 Read by Greg Giordano
Peter Rabbit Has Some Startling News 4:58 Read by Greg Giordano
Peter Rabbit Tells His Story 5:51 Read by Greg Giordano
Peter Has to Tell His Story Many Times 4:06 Read by Kamna
Jimmy Skunk Calls on Prickly Porky 3:45 Read by Kamna
Prickly Porky Nearly Chokes 5:03 Read by Lynne T
Jimmy Skunk and Unc' Billy Possum Tell Different Stories 4:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Unc' Billy Possum Tells Jimmy Skunk a Secret 5:01 Read by Larry Wilson
What Happened to Reddy Fox 4:58 Read by Larry Wilson
What Reddy Fox Saw and Did 4:57 Read by Greg Giordano
Reddy Fox is Very Miserable 4:41 Read by Greg Giordano
Reddy Fox Tries to Keep Out of Sight 4:45 Read by Greg Giordano
Old Granny Fox Investigates 4:26 Read by Jude Somers
Old Granny Fox Loses Her Dignity 5:15 Read by Lynne T
Old Granny Fox Catches Peter Rabbit 4:14 Read by Jude Somers
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed 5:12 Read by kalpnaa
Jimmy Skunk Takes Word to Mrs. Peter 4:17 Read by Jude Somers
A Plot to Frighten Old Man Coyote 4:10 Read by Jude Somers
Sammy Jay Delivers His Message 4:09 Read by Jude Somers
Old Man Coyote Loses His Appetite 4:31 Read by Jude Somers
Buster Bear Gives it All Away 5:04 Read by Jude Somers


so good

(5 stars)

my daughter and i were sick n listened to this, beautiful experience

It Was The Best

(5 stars)

My son said it was the best!

(5 stars)

this is my fav book ever

Recommend listening

(4.5 stars)

Other than the jarring switches in readers,or the poor reading at certain points (I don’t wish to name them),the reading was quite good. The contents of the book was amazing!

(5 stars)

I LOVED this’s so good!

best book Ever!

(5 stars)

I love this book. It is my fave Thornton W B book!❤️

(3 stars)

had to skip the parts with the India. woman. hard to understand


(4 stars)

This book was very good. I injoyed it! I like Buster Bear better. The Adventures of Buster Bear!!!!! In robot: Gdryfg Ggdgftfghjhioi weffwqjjhhk trttytrrrrrrtyiufr mjobfbrsdcrghc!!!!! Some of the readers were hard to understand, but other than that it was a injoyable favorite reader is John Leider!!!!! -Blacky The Crow - Sammy Jay -Mrs. Jay I am Sammy Jay, Blacky is my brother. In the book he is my cousin, MRS Jay is our mother.