The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont

Read by Czechchris

(4.5 stars; 40 reviews)

Short stories by a colleague of Jerome K. Jerome, and friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Barr probably wrote the first parody of Sherlock Holmes (included in this collection). He co-edited "The Idler" with Jerome. (written by Czechchris) (9 hr 26 min)


The Mystery of the Five Hundred Diamonds 1:04:21 Read by Czechchris
The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower - part 1 1:04:50 Read by Czechchris
The Siamese Twin of a Bomb-Thrower - part 2 35:13 Read by Czechchris
The Clue Of The Silver Spoons 44:12 Read by Czechchris
Lord Chizelrigg’s Missing Fortune 55:09 Read by Czechchris
The Absent-Minded Coterie - part 1 41:18 Read by Czechchris
The Absent-Minded Coterie - part 2 45:55 Read by Czechchris
The Ghost With The Club Foot 1:09:42 Read by Czechchris
The Liberation Of Wyoming Ed 46:35 Read by Czechchris
Lady Alicia’s Emeralds 49:54 Read by Czechchris
The Adventures Of Sherlaw Kombs 23:31 Read by Czechchris
The Adventure Of The Second Swag 25:35 Read by Czechchris



(5 stars)

A superb collection of mysteries, including a couple of great parodies. This is a new reader to me, and he is top-notch. I must comment that Barr is one of the most versatile of writers, giving us mysteries, seafaring tales, novels, etc. It is rare that any author can excel in different genres.

Story 3 - Reading 10

(4 stars)

First of all many thanks to this wonderful reader. If not for this fabulous narration I am not sure I would have enjoyed the stories. The story or stories seemed rather disjointed and I think I would have preferred the author have written one story about one case and the fantastic Eugene Valmont. Instead it was a jumble of stories that did not seem to fit well together at all. Despite this, Eugene Valmont is a likeable character and Czech Chris truly makes him real. I also thought Eugene's disdain for all things both British and American was rather funny. Many thanks to Czechchris for making an odd story an enjoyable listen.

I Loved Valmont!

(4 stars)

Some stories were average while others were really good. I like that each chapter was a new case as I'm not always in the mood for one large story. I love Valmont because he's smart, open, & has a heart. I found it funny that he regularly had to put down the English. He really dislikes them but chose to live with them? Silly yet funny!

short tales

(4 stars)

Enjoyed these tales and very well narratored. Needed a change of pace and these fit the bill for me. Found Valmont a good change of pace also and the short tales were refreshing as I sometimes grow weary of the long dragged out detective tales.

Witty & engaging

(4 stars)

I usually prefer long novels, but these anecdotal short stories are very engaging & often humorous, so I enjoyed them very much. Love the Sherlock Holmes parodies; too funny. The reader also did a great job. I hope he continues reading for Librivox.

Great to listen to

(4 stars)

This book is beautifully read by "Czech Chris", well-paced and with just the right tone. Even by the end I was not sure whether it was a good book or whether I was just seduced by the performance.

I enjoyed these stories

(4 stars)

The last two were obvious pokes at ACD. So our detective Valmont has his ups and downs while trying to outwit the bad guys before Scotland Yard does it. The reader was excellent, thank you. :-)

satire of Sherlock Holmes - terrific!

(4 stars)

Like main character & plots plus the satire of Sherlock Holmes - terrific! Classic mystery with some romance. Love the (Chekchris) narration! Recommended!