On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

Read by Gord Mackenzie

(4.6 stars; 80 reviews)

Civil Disobedience is an essay by Henry David Thoreau. Published in 1849 under the title Resistance to Civil Government, it expressed Thoreau’s belief that people should not allow governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that people have a duty both to avoid doing injustice directly and to avoid allowing their acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican-American War. (Summary from Wikipedia). (1 hr 21 min)


Part 1 42:40 Read by Gord Mackenzie
Part 2 38:39 Read by Gord Mackenzie



(5 stars)

Reader does justice to the author and to the content; no small feat considering the greatness of both. Tempo a bit slow, but this is preferable to a hasty reading. Thank you!

Really captures the text

(5 stars)

This is a really great reading. The flowing tone slightly dramatizes the text as if listening to H.D Thoreau in conversation or thoughts as himself. Also recommend Walden.

Really excellent reading!

(5 stars)

The reading could not be better: one could easily believe, that the book is read by the author itself! It is also tecnically perfect. Thank you very much!

couldn't be said better, or hasn't yet anyway! GREAT reader too!

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

very well done. the recording sounds like an audible recording.

good book well read

(5 stars)

it’s basically a short lecture

(4.5 stars)

A treasure well delivered through clear and simple speech.

amazing reading by Gord. thank you Sir!

(5 stars)