Victorian Short Stories of Troubled Marriages

Read by Gina Belmonde

(4.5 stars; 28 reviews)

A delightful collection of short stories by some of the luminary authors of the Victorian era. These stories explore the truth behind the Victorian marriage. - Summary by Gina Belmonde (2 hr 39 min)


The Bronckhorst Divorce Case 14:18 Read by Gina Belmonde
Irremediable 45:40 Read by Gina Belmonde
A Poor Stick 11:58 Read by Gina Belmonde
The Adventure of the Abbey Grange 54:05 Read by Gina Belmonde
The Prize Lodger 33:48 Read by Gina Belmonde


a lot can be learned

(4 stars)

The reader did a great job! Her accent was very appropriate for the stories. Each story had a variety of lessons on marriage for any non married person to learn from.

Another Delightful Free Read

(5 stars)

Thanks! Great stories, just my genre. LV is the coolest audiobook site in the known universe!

There is another auidobook in librivox about the same book

(0 stars)

The other one has been produced later.

(3 stars)

Very good reading. The book was so-so.

wonderfully read

(5 stars)

great stories, very well narrated.

Five stars.

(5 stars)

Good selection with good readings.

(5 stars)

Beautifully read by Gina. Well done