Remarkable Rogues: The Careers of Some Notable Criminals of Europe and America

Read by David Wales

(4.5 stars; 76 reviews)

The title and subtitle pretty much say it all. Twenty biographical sketches of people you would not want your son or daughter to marry. (Summary by David Wales) (8 hr 48 min)


Preface 4:48 Read by David Wales
Chapter 1 A Russianh Delilah 29:03 Read by David Wales
Chapter 2 An Infamous Female Poisoner 27:03 Read by David Wales
Chapter 3 Belle Star, The Girl Bushranger 29:20 Read by David Wales
Chapter 4 The Woman With The Fatal Eyes 28:57 Read by David Wales
Chapter 5 Madame Rachel, The Beauty Specialist 29:32 Read by David Wales
Chapter 6 The Monte Carlo Trunk Murderess 29:08 Read by David Wales
Chapter 7 Martha Kupfer, Swindler 30:02 Read by David Wales
Chapter 8 Madame Guerin, Matrimonial Agent 27:21 Read by David Wales
Chapter 9 The Murder Of Madame Houet 18:07 Read by David Wales
Chapter 10 The Bootmaker's Royal Wooing 20:15 Read by David Wales
Chapter 11 The Bogus Sir Richard Douglas 21:24 Read by David Wales
Chapter 12 The Enterprising Mrs. Chadwick 18:46 Read by David Wales
Chapter 13 The Million Dollar Ranch Girl 21:17 Read by David Wales
Chapter 14 James Greenacre 30:14 Read by David Wales
Chapter 15 Catherine Wilson 27:23 Read by David Wales
Chapter 16 Pierre Voirbo 29:35 Read by David Wales
Chapter 17 Emanuel Barthelemy 27:06 Read by David Wales
Chapter 18 William Parsons 28:41 Read by David Wales
Chapter 19 Adam Worth 28:29 Read by David Wales
Chapter 20 The Secret Princess Of Posen 21:35 Read by David Wales


so many people are naive!

(5 stars)

the reader does a fantastic job. i am going to look for more books by him. i love the way this book is written. each chapter is a short story (true accounts). and some of the chapters end so cutely with a play on words or the simple thought added to by the readers excellent fluctuations in tones. men and woman a like in this book are being scammed or committing murder and you hear it and it sounds SO obvious to you that the whole thing is a con - so it is just amazing how those people didnt see it too. time hasnt changed much - we still see people falling for fake emails in the hopes of doubling an investment.

Terribly, Diabolically Entertaining

(5 stars)

True Crimes, especially from court records over 100 years old, are not dissimilar to,that, attempted today! Some are childish, others, brilliant, while a few, are just vicious. My cup of Tea, exactly! I adore a solo project, and this is a wonderful Volunteer.

An entertaining listen

(5 stars)

David Wales' unique style of delivery suits this book perfectly. The book itself is written in a lively and engaging style that brings the stories to life. I'm only a few chapters in at the moment, but the 'rogues' so far have been new to me, which is another plus. Not sure how reliable the narrative might be - a presumably factual basis is augmented with liberal doses of imaginative flourish. More entertainment than history, I think, but all the more engaging for it.

A fascinating set of histories

(4 stars)

This is a fascinating set of semi contemporary accounts of various ne’er do wells who generally get their comeuppance. I find the casual xenophobic and occasionally misogynistic language quite hilarious and is absolutely of it’s time. Germans all being “huns” and so on. It all adds to the authenticity of it. It’s very entertainingly read although the reader occasionally gets so engrossed in his delivery he forgets to breath! I would enjoy hearing more from both the author and the reader, preferably together again

Outrageous and entertaining tales...

(5 stars)

The reader's deadpan delivery is an added bonus too.

Good read

(5 stars)

great easy reader. Good book pretty much what the title says.

anyone catch Macbeth references? laugh to scorn the power of man

(5 stars)

All true cringe stories.

(5 stars)

I especially liked story of Adam Worth.