Wuthering Heights

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(3.6 stars; 52 reviews)

A tale of passion and vengeance set in the bleak Yorkshire moors, Wuthering Heights depicts the mutual love of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff till destruction and death rend the narration. There is no place for remorse in our antihero's breast as he sets about ruining the lives of those he considers responsible for his own misery. Yet cruelty is only to be met with compassion in the following generations. Romantic, impassioned and wild, it is also a dark journey in the human soul.

(Summary by Lady Maria). (11 hr 33 min)


Chapter 01 12:57 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 02 21:19 Read by JemmaBlythe
Chapter 03 28:57 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
Chapter 04 17:59 Read by Jennifer Stearns
Chapter 05 10:22 Read by Martina
Chapter 06 14:22 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 07 22:56 Read by Michelle Crandall
Chapter 08 19:12 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 09 32:32 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 10 38:22 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 11 22:54 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 12 26:54 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 13 23:53 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 14 18:47 Read by Michelle Crandall
Chapter 15 19:23 Read by Larysa Jaworski
Chapter 16 10:17 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Chapter 17 42:10 Read by Geoff Cowgill
Chapter 18 19:51 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 19 8:51 Read by Lord Peter
Chapter 20 12:20 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 21 35:28 Read by Michelle Crandall
Chapter 22 13:32 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 23 17:28 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 24 25:15 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 25 9:59 Read by Mellors
Chapter 26 11:11 Read by Mellors
Chapter 27 28:08 Read by Alison Raouf
Chapter 28 14:48 Read by scrappylibrarian
Chapter 29 17:36 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 30 12:12 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 31 11:44 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 32 22:08 Read by hosmer_angel
Chapter 33 22:05 Read by Lady Maria
Chapter 34 27:18 Read by Larysa Jaworski



(5 stars)

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(4 stars)

I know people said the woman with the heavy accent was a pain to listen to but I absolutely loved it when she spoke. It keeps me interested, as opposed to some of the males who just drones on in some monotone voice. I loved it!

A beautiful voice

(5 stars)

It is about time that Wuthering Heights was read with flair and enthusiasm. The accent is lovely and as an English literature teacher, I am delighted with your recording. Thank you very much.

Need a good english speaker

(2 stars)

It's nice and almost attractive to hear a foreigner reading of good literature. However, the speaker hasn't perfected English enough to be reading literature. Unfortunately, it's a labor to listen too.

Another version

(0 stars)

If you don't like this version (which is a early project, so it's understandable that the sound quality may not be very good), you may enjoy this one more: <a href="http://archive.org/details/wuthering_heights_rg_librivox" rel="nofollow">http://archive.org/details/wuthering_heights_rg_librivox</a>

(0.5 stars)

Appreciate the effort and remain underwhelmed with this reading and voicing interpretation. Could not finish. Wuthering Heights 2nd Version is utterly convincing and beautifully read, paced and with brilliant accents.

fger erred dr ereertrt

(2.5 stars)

tee are grrrr et there hr to re treat dr trtrrer re the re st r

Difficult to understand

(0.5 stars)

should pronounce clearly