Christmas Short Works Collection 2014

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This year's Christmas collection of short stories and non-fiction, a play, poems, and bible readings features readings in English, Bulgarian, French, German, Italian and Swedish.

Cast list for The Christmas Dinner:
Mother Goose: Bev J Stevens
Grandfather: Ray Kasper
Grandmother: Ronelle Spiegel
Father: J Korth
Mother: Maria Kasper
Walter: Beth Thomas
Gertrude: Kimberly Kraus
Santa Claus: Phil Chenevert
Narrator: MaryAnn Spiegel

Edited by: MaryAnn Spiegel (8 hr 31 min)


Christmas Eve At Topmast Tickle 30:26 Read by David Wales
Selected Verses from the Gospel According to Luke 13:20 Read by Greg Giordano
Weihnachtsabend 3:03 Read by DomBombadil
On Christmas Day in the Morning 36:58 Read by MaryAnn
On Christmas Day in the Evening 1:01:20 Read by MaryAnn
Asaph Sheafe's Christmas 10:15 Read by Maria Kasper
What Christmas Is As We Grow Older 12:42 Read by Ed Humpal
Tomten 4:22 Read by J Korth
The Open Christmas Letter, from Jus Suffragii, IWSA journal, Jan. 1915, signed … 4:37 Read by Rob Marland
The Fire at Ross's Farm 5:29 Read by Son of the Exiles
Christmas Crackers 17:00 Read by Ruth Golding
Selected Verses from the Gospel According to Matthew 6:08 Read by Greg Giordano
Christmas Day 1:38 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
Christ 1:59 Read by Algy Pug
A Christmas Fog 40:02 Read by Ruth Golding
Signs of Christmas 2:17 Read by Lucy Perry
'Le ciaramelle', from Canti di Castelvecchio 2:56 Read by BeniaminoMassimo
Alice's Christmas Tree 30:29 Read by Maria Kasper
Christmas On Wheels 18:37 Read by David Wales
A Soldier's Christmas 29:57 Read by Ruth Golding
Christmas Every Day 13:23 Read by Brian Hostick
Ceremonies for Christmas 1:07 Read by Lucy Perry
La Charlotte prie Notre-Dame le soir du Réveillon 9:50 Read by Herman Roskams
Ballade of Christmas Ghosts 2:27 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
A Christmas Carol 1:13 Read by Robert G. Smith
Christmas Eve - A Lull in Hate - Briton Cum Boche, from Bullets and Billets (19… 14:55 Read by Maria Kasper
Koleden dar (Коледен дар) 15:37 Read by Rapunzelina
The Christmas Trail 2:54 Read by Ed Humpal
The Gift of the Magi 15:03 Read by Greg Giordano
Jest 'Fore Christmas 3:25 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
The Christmas Dinner 47:37 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Del presepio ch'ei fece nel dì del Natale del Signor", Cap. 30 della Vita prima… 9:19 Read by Enrica Giampieretti
Keeping Christmas 5:06 Read by Olivereading
Twelve Poems, selected from Christmas in Poetry, Carols and Poems 21:04 Read by MaryAnn
To an Old Fogey 3:02 Read by Ruth Golding
Christmas Omnipresent 5:14 Read by Lucy Perry
Weihnachten 1:30 Read by Claudia Salto
Christmas Trees 3:40 Read by Alisson Veldhuis
Neath Mistletoe 1:06 Read by Mary Kay