Selected Poems of Robert Frost

Read by Becky Miller

(4.3 stars; 155 reviews)

Robert Frost, who lived from March 26, 1874 to January 29, 1963, was a winner of 4 Pulitzer prizes and one of America’s best loved poets. This selection of his poems is a short walk through the variety of his simplistic natural themes and complex social understandings. (Summary by Becky Miller, Canal Winchester, Ohio) (0 hr 20 min)


Pasture, The 0:49 Read by Becky Miller
Home Burial 7:14 Read by Becky Miller
Tuft of Flowers, The 2:47 Read by Becky Miller
Mending Wall 2:48 Read by Becky Miller
Birches 3:39 Read by Becky Miller
Reluctance 1:29 Read by Becky Miller
Late Walk, A 1:09 Read by Becky Miller
Fragmentary Blue 0:57 Read by Becky Miller



(4 stars)

the recordings were a bit scratchy but the reader was very would be a better reading and listening experience if the chapter headings you know the LibriVox public domain what time it was recorded who recorded it etc could be stated at the beginning of the book and not after every poem there bye ruining the continuity. same suggestion for all books with very very short chapters.just a niggle that's all.

Not Public Domain

(5 stars)

Hi the poem you were looking for is "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" I studied it too and still have it memorized but unfortunately it is not public domain so we were unable to use it.

Short and Sweet

(4 stars)

A charming collection, pleasantly presented by the volunteer reader. I especially liked Fragmentary Blue, Birches, and Mending Wall.

(5 stars)

Lovely voice. Clear well-paced reading. Conveys the surface simplicity and subtle depth essential to the poems

(5 stars)

Versatile collection of poetic micro stories which are pleasant to listen to in the evening.

A Waste

(1 stars)

Beautiful prose ruined by a grating voice. This person should not read poetry.

Lost in Frost

(4.5 stars)

Sobering thoughts from a thoughtful man. Read with passionate understanding.


(4.5 stars)

A nice reading of some examples of Frost's unique rural viewpoint.