The Little White Bird

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(4.6 stars; 25 reviews)

"A children's book, sharp social commentary and sad psychological thriller about a man's search for a sense of belonging. All in one amazing and lyrical collection. This is the first book in which Peter Pan starts to appear. His adventure in Kensington Gardens are first narrated here. Other than that, it offers a magical portrait of contemporary London, and a realistic tale of a family to which every one of us could have belonged." - Summary by Stav Nisser. (7 hr 25 min)


David and I set off on a Journey 13:12 Read by Mike Pelton
The Little Nursery Governess 16:14 Read by Mike Pelton
Her Marriage, her Clothes, her Appetite and an inventory of her Furniture 16:43 Read by Mike Pelton
A Night-Piece 13:30 Read by TribalElder
The Fight for Timothy 17:43 Read by Sandra Cullum
A Shock 8:43 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Last of Timothy 8:43 Read by MissRose
The Inconsiderate Waiter 21:53 Read by Sandra Cullum
A Confirmed Spinster 17:31 Read by Sandra Cullum
Sporting Reflections 3:43 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Runaway Perambulator 21:15 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Pleasantest Club in London 15:25 Read by Mike Pelton
The Grand Tour of the Gardens 18:29 Read by Mike Pelton
Peter Pan 18:48 Read by Mike Pelton
The Thrush's Nest 23:46 Read by Carol
Lock-Out Time 27:05 Read by Carol
The Little House 37:15 Read by Sandra Cullum
Peter's Goat 21:40 Read by Carol
An Interloper 9:23 Read by Carol
David and Porthos Compared 15:05 Read by Sandra Cullum
William Paterson 18:09 Read by Sandra Cullum
Joey 17:23 Read by Lynne T
Pilkington's 20:25 Read by Sandra Cullum
Barbara 18:12 Read by Sandra Cullum
The Cricket Match 6:20 Read by Larry Wilson
The Dedication 18:59 Read by Sandra Cullum


(5 stars)

J. M. Barrie gives us an intimate peek into the back story of his creation of Peter Pan and the charming characters that still capture our hearts generations later. It’s a timeless, whimsical tale that appeals to young and old on so many levels.

Great book.

(4 stars)

The readers were great, but I'm not a fan of multiple readers for one book. Specially when it changes chapter by chapter.