Mrs. Peter Rabbit (version 2)

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This charming story chronicles the life of Peter rabbit and the many other woodland creatures that live in and around the brier batch. Peter finds himself not wanting to eat and finding everyday activities of life a bore. As a result of this, he sets off exploring new parts of the forest only to run into his future bride. (2 hr 47 min)


Peter Rabbit Loses His Appetite 5:00 Read by Kelley007
Peter Rabbit Plans a Journey 4:56 Read by Kelley007
Hooty the Owl Changes His Hunting Grounds 4:36 Read by Kangaroo
The Shadow with Sharp Claws 4:33 Read by Tiwo
In the Old Pasture 4:56 Read by Kangaroo
Peter Rabbit is Still Lonesome 3:47 Read by Kangaroo
Peter Finds Tracks 4:46 Read by Kangaroo
The Strange Tracks in the Old Pasture 5:29 Read by John
An Unpleasant Surprise 5:23 Read by John
Peter Rabbit Almost Decides to Return Home 5:49 Read by John
Peter Rabbit Has a Sudden Change of Mind 5:02 Read by John
Peter Learns Something from Tommy Tit 5:05 Read by John
Little Miss Fuzzytail 4:46 Read by John
Someone Fools Old Jed Thumper 5:35 Read by John
A Pleasant Surprise for Peter 4:38 Read by John
Peter Rabbit's Looking-Glass 5:26 Read by John
Peter Meets Miss Fuzzytail 5:14 Read by John
Tommy Tit Proves a Friend Indeed 5:50 Read by John
Old Man Coyote Pays a Debt 5:44 Read by John
Little Miss Fuzzytail Whispers "Yes" 5:19 Read by John
Peter and Little Miss Fuzzytail Leave the Old Pasture 6:16 Read by John
Sammy Jay Becomes Curious 4:58 Read by John
Peter Introduces Mrs. Peter 5:55 Read by John
Danny Meadow Mouse Warns Peter Rabbit 5:11 Read by John
Peter Rabbit's Heedlessness 5:22 Read by John
Peter Rabbit Listens to Mrs. Peter 5:34 Read by John
Mistah Mocker Plays a Joke on Mrs. Peter 6:06 Read by John
News from the Old Briar-Patch 5:37 Read by John
Jimmy Skunk Visits Peter Rabbit 4:52 Read by John
Reddy Fox Learns the Secret 5:22 Read by John
Blacky the Crow Has Sharp Eyes 4:23 Read by John
Peter Rabbit's Nursery 5:52 Read by John


amazing readers!

(5 stars)

Hello librivox! I have been wanting you guys to add books by this amazing author. Maybe buster bears twins? Oh, and just a side note kangaroo is a really good reader. Thank you for taking the time to read this librivox/consumer

really good reader📖and very sweet book📖😍❤

(5 stars)

Hello! I think this is the sweetest book ever☺📖 and really good reader!!! I was wounding that we can make. a book about a story of 👩👱‍♂️ the advinchures of old mr. gos hoak 🦅thanks for reading 😃☺ I am a young girl 9 years old please consider it.🤞🙏👧 oh and sorrrry of the typo thanks 👧👍👎🤞 🦅


(4 stars)

I like it but… I wish it was just one reader though.

loved it was the best one

(5 stars)