Tales of the Fish Patrol

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.7 stars; 63 reviews)

Wildest among the fisher-folk may be accounted the Chinese shrimp-catchers. It is the habit of the shrimp to crawl along the bottom in vast armies till it reaches fresh water, when it turns about and crawls back again to the salt. And where the tide ebbs and flows, the Chinese sink great bag-nets to the bottom, with gaping mouths, into which the shrimp crawls and from which it is transferred to the boiling-pot. This in itself would not be bad, were it not for the small mesh of the nets, so small that the tiniest fishes, little new-hatched things not a quarter of an inch long, cannot pass through. The beautiful beaches of Points Pedro and Pablo, where are the shrimp-catchers villages, are made fearful by the stench from myriads of decaying fish, and against this wasteful destruction it has ever been the duty of the fish patrol to act. These stories are set in the waterways around San Francisco Bay and involve the fish patrol with a variety of characters of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. ( Description from the opening of "White and Yellow" by Jack London, with addition by Don W. Jenkins) (2 hr 56 min)


White and Yellow 23:04 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The King of the Greeks 24:11 Read by Don W. Jenkins
A Raid on the Oyster Pirates 23:50 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Siege of the Lancashire Queen 26:10 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Charley's Coup 26:21 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Demetrios Contos 25:30 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Yellow Handkerchief 26:59 Read by Don W. Jenkins



(5 stars)

An exciting collection of stories of a young man. An engaging quick read that was well narrated. Thank you.

great story

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don w makes a story with his reading style many thanks

very entertaining reading, pity for the bad sound quality

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great narrating , vivid seatale story

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Fascinating fisheries enforcement with sails

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