Hans Christian Andersen: Fairytales and Short Stories Volume 6, 1866 to 1875

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A collection of some of Hans Christian Andersen's works. He is a Danish author and poet most famous for his fairy tales. Summary by Kristingj. (8 hr 16 min)


"Delaying Is Not Forgetting" 7:19 Read by Roohi
The Porter’s Son 44:56 Read by Roohi
Our Aunt 15:41 Read by Roohi
The Toad 17:59 Read by Roohi
The Nis and the Dame 13:59 Read by mhaudio
The Dryad part 1 28:27 Read by ToddHW
The Dryad part 2 18:40 Read by ToddHW
The Court Cards 11:13 Read by Kristin G.
Good Luck can Lie in a Pin 5:16 Read by Kristin G.
Sunshine Stories 7:09 Read by Kristin G.
What One Can Invent 8:11 Read by Mike Justice
The Thistle’s Experiences 9:31 Read by Andrew Olson
The Candles 6:37 Read by Roohi
Poultry Meg’s Family 33:00 Read by Xenablue
The Most Incredible Thing 9:40 Read by Xenablue
Danish Popular Legends 19:27 Read by Diana Schmidt
Lucky Peer part 1 23:09 Read by Barbara Best
Lucky Peer part 2 35:12 Read by Roohi
Lucky Peer part 3 27:41 Read by Roohi
Lucky Peer part 4 24:21 Read by Roohi
Lucky Peer part 5 29:59 Read by Roohi
Lucky Peer part 6 38:16 Read by Roohi
The Great Sea-Serpent 19:40 Read by April Walters
The Gardener and the Manor 14:09 Read by Hamlet
The Cripple 18:04 Read by mbm0rxi
The Flea and the Professor 9:01 Read by Kristin G.