The Negro Problem

Read by James K. White

(4.7 stars; 40 reviews)

This is a collection of essays, edited by Booker T. Washington, representative of what historians have characterized as "racial uplift ideology." These and other similar narratives of the time were a reaction to the gradual erosion of the African-American's civil rights across the United States that began during Reconstruction. - Summary by James K. White (3 hr 57 min)


Industrial Education for the Negro 23:04 Read by James K. White
The Talented Tenth 50:20 Read by James K. White
The Disenfranchisement of the Negro 52:32 Read by James K. White
The Negro and the Law 36:48 Read by James K. White
The Characteristics of the Negro People 26:31 Read by James K. White
Representative American Negroes 23:55 Read by James K. White
The Negro's Place in American Life at the Present Day 24:26 Read by James K. White


it's propaganda against black successes

(5 stars)

so it seems that black people, after slavery was ended, were college educated in the sciences but not educated in domestic labor, much like today's upper classes. the theme is a sophisticated propaganda intended to reduce blacks to menial labor when they had educations which could have instantly put them into the superior position in industry and the sciences after the reconstruction. the Tuskegee institute is disgusting.

(5 stars)

James k. white is Great reader. People of all races should listen , not just african americans. Great insight into the minds of the intellectuals of the african American race.


(5 stars)

Buena coleccion de ensayos de la era despues del esclavismo en USA. Me encanto. Muy entendible y excelente narrador. Muy recomendable.


(5 stars)

interesting 1890s book. very very good reader