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You Can't Do Business with Hitler - Single Episodes

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You Can't Do Business With Hitler, a series of radio shows, written and produced by the radio section of the Office of War Information (OWI), was transcribed four times a month. Elwood Hoffman writes the scripts, and Frank Telford directs the production. This series is one of the many thousands of government propaganda plays that were broadcast to help the war effort during World War II. You Can't Do Business with Hitler, based on the experiences of Douglas Miller, who was for 15 years commercial attaché to the American Embassy in Berlin. Douglas Miller reveals the NAZI technique of plundering and looting conquered lands. This transcribed program written by Elwood Hoffman and directed by Frank Telford was brought to you by the Radio Section of the Office for Emergency Management in Washington. From the Old Time Radio Researcher's Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Heads They Win - Tails We Lose


Broken Promises


No American Goods Wanted


Two for Me One for You


Mass Murder


Spoils of Europe


1000 Year Reich


Living Dead




Pagan Gods


Swastikas over the Equator


Money Talks with a German Accent



Propaganda is Natural

(4 Sterne)

War is either the most serious possible failure of a nation or what MAKES a nation. War, despite the ubiquitous "Geneva Convention" rules for modern warfare, is a the most desperate condition a nation can experience. Hence, it is during war that we find the most egregious examples of errant national behaviour. To date, the most appalling national behavior during a war is easily the nazi perfidies during WW II. Today, people find it difficult to believe that the nazis had a "Ministry for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment" Simply the use of the word "propaganda" elicits references and images of Joseph Goebbels. Even the word "rhetoric" implies less than honest or inaccurate reportage. Yes, the nazi took propaganda many steps further into absurdity and perversion than any other government in known history. Alas, the nazis did not have a monopoly on propaganda, and these recordings illustrate that the USA was very busy with it's own propaganda It is frightfully interesting to observe the nazi's over-the-top brand of propaganda (i.e. "The Big Lie") through the eyes of the USA's WW II propaganda machine ! —propaganda as seen through the filter of propaganda! Hey, wait, is this a sound and valid method of studying history? —You bet it is! This is where the history student separates from the Historian. This is how a professional historian begins to find something to write about,. If you are the professional historian, just remember, writing new history is a bit like trapeze flying without a net. Remember, if you get it wrong, there will be no way to rehabilitate your reputation! So be careful. There is a wealth of history hidden in these recordingings.

True History

(4 Sterne)

History can be learned from books, but sometimes if the youth of today want to know what happened during World War II they should listen to programs like this one and learn some real history.